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Lucy Spraggan first came to mainstream prominence with her performances on X-Factor and has since gone onto become a household name due, mostly, to her ability to draw us into her songs with her storytelling.

I managed a quick chat with her and found her to be very engaging and likeable as we talked over the many issues, challenges and decisions that have helped shape her personal life and career. We also found some time to talk about music!

Hi Lucy. How are you?

I’m good thanks. How are you?

Also good; thanks for asking.

How is the promotion going so far?

Well, this is the last one today so there’s a degree of happiness in this phonecall!

(Laughs) I’ll keep it short for you so you can go and chill. Thanks for speaking to us here at PCN Magazine. First off; COVID 19. How has this strange period affected you; if at all?

Well for somebody who is normally away 8 or 9 months of the year touring it’s made quite an impact on my lifestyle. Obviously, my business has been affected massively; as has everyone else’s.

It’s given me the opportunity to be quite introverted and to stay at home. It’s actually been a bit of a blessing.

When I was doing some research I dived into your back catalogue and I love “Lucky Stars”. Can you tell us a little of the backstory to the song?

Ah cool. My sister had a boyfriend who put a Facebook post up and my sister added in her Facebook status “I thank my lucky stars that I see you every day” so I put it in a song.

It’s a cracking song and I love the video.

Thank you so much.

Are the people in the video aware of what is going on as you all around the streets in an astronaut suit?

(Laugh) No. No-one had any idea!

Mental health is something you’ve always been very open about. Where are you now on your journey?

I started quite a dedicated fitness regime and stopped drinking about 16 months ago. I’ve never been so mentally well and I just feel in a very great place.

I did notice that the merchandise page on your website you are modelling the clothing with your very impressive 6 pack on show.

(laughs) Yeah!!

Congratulations. I know how how much hard work it takes.

Aw. Thank you.

You’re also involved in a lot of charity work with the likes of Alzheimer’s UK and CALM. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how people can help or contribute?

I didn’t really know too much about Alzheimers until my ex’s grandma started to suffer with it. It really opened my mind to Alzheimers and I wrote a song about it on one of my albums. With regards to CALM and MIND and other mental health charities like that it’s just really important to read about what they are trying to do and give help whenever you can; whether that’s donations or running or (you know) doing a charity event. It’s just really important.

You’re also involved in a programme called Fully Rewired; what’s that about?

Fully Rewired is my fitness programme. It’s a 6 week set of lessons really, with live exercises and MP3’s for a running tutorial. It’s really just to help people get into shape and change their relationship with whatever they have a bad relationship with; whether it’s food, alcohol or whatever. Which is what I did. You can find it at Fully Rewired

I was watching some of your live material. Is it strange to hear the crowd singing your songs with you?

Aw… it’s the best feeling in the world to be honest, It’s amazing; I love it! I just love live music. I love playing it; I love the way people gather and it changes their day; it changes their mood. It’s escapism for everybody involved.

“Sober” from the new album has a powerful message and video. I think it nails the feeling of needing to change and the simplicity of the video is huge.

Thank you.

How difficult was it to make the decision to change and become sober?

It wasn’t very hard. It’s something that I think innately about now. I’m always very open with my feelings and I guess that’s why I write songs and that’s why I have a career in music. I’ve always been very honest about the way I feel and really passionate about my journey in sobriety and the positives it’s brought into my life so why not out that into song?

The new album -‘ Choices’ – drops on February 26th and from what I’ve heard so far it’s Lucy Spraggan but just that little bit more mature.

Yeah; definitely

What can we expect from it?

It’s got a bit more attitude and it’s more self-affirmed. I’ve been in the music industry a long time and there was a period of time where I was just kinda making pop music for the sake of it and this is very much an album that means business.

You recorded the album with Pete Hammerton and Donton Supple. What did they bring to the table?

They are icons in their field so they’ve just put in all their creative and productive experience and it just makes the album so much better.

You’ll be touring next year in support of the album. Do you have any rehearsals or pre-production planned yet and what can your fans expect?

No; we haven’t got any plans in place yet but the show is going to be big. With the introduction of the new C19 vaccine hopefully, we should be seeing something similar to the old shows which is high energy and high performance.

Long term; what does the future hold for you personally and professionally?

You know what? I have no idea and I think this year has proved to everybody that they really have no idea what is coming in the future and the best thing they can do is be the best version of yourself and make sure you are continually doing that and hope that that puts you onto a good path.

Is there one song from any artist (dead or alive) that you think “damn, I wish I’d written that”?

Oh, I hear them every day. Probably the biggest one would be “Samson” by Regina Spektor. It’s an amazing song!

Can we assume that you are still happy that at the start of your career you rejected the offer of a record deal in return for wearing a top hat and pink tutu?

(laugh) Oh absolutely! So glad I never did that!

I know you have strong views on the price of Freddo bars. I paid 35p for one today.

Extortion! Extortion in front of our eyes. It’s only going to get worse after Brexit…

I know Glastonbury is high on your list of achievements but what other highs will you look back on?

People always ask about the highest moments from my career but the thing that baffles me on a daily basis is that this is my career and that I get the opportunity to do this as a full time job and live a comfortable life and for me that’s just like the biggest thrill and achievement.

Lucy; thanks for talking to me today. Your working day is over; time to chill. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you.

Thank you for having me in your magazine and I hope to catch up with you in Glasgow.



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