Album Review: Bay View by Crimson Star

Crimson Star Band Portrait

Crimson Star is a band I had never heard of. When offered the chance to review them I was curious what this 3 piece band from Birmingham had. I decided to dig around a little to learn more about them.

A 3 piece band made up of lead singer James Shaw (lead vocals , guitar), Ross Edington (drums and vocals) and Roger Ash (bass). The band is from the UK and formed in 2012.
The artwork for the new EP was quite impressive. The new EP, Bay View, is made up of five songs.

“Pragamist,” Upon first listening to this song I was loving Shaw’s voice. It was scratchy with a bit of grunge to it. The Pragmatist was the first song up and I liked the bass and Shaw with his vocals. The song had strong meaning and we all can relate if you lost love. Over all it was good tune!

I went on to hear “LA Prom” The guitar riffs and strong drum beats brought me wanting more. Then Shaw’s vocals really showed his talent. He goes from soft tones to rocking our hard on the vocals. Shaw shows several scales of what his voice can do in this song. The drum beats were soft and heavy and the bass was right on key. I would say this so far it’s my favorite song.

“Once” started off with some drums and guitar riffs. I liked the chorus but the slower parts didn’t get me in to the song.

“Euthanize Me” had some hard hits on the drums at the beginning and some strong bass. It was like a blues/rock song. It didn’t showcase Shaw’s voice at first. Another song that I think fell a little short in showcasing the bands talents. I think that the chorus was the bomb but didn’t care for the slower parts.

“Gimme Some” finishes off the 5 track EP. Right away was an upbeat song. Loved the instrumentals in this song.

I thought overall it was a good EP, I really thought LA Prom was the bomb! It had everything in it that would want me to listen to it again and again.

 Track Listing:

  1. The Pragmatist
  2. La Prom
  3. Once
  4. Euthanise Me
  5. Gimme Some


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