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Album Review: GraVil – No More Forgiveness

GraVil are a melodic death metal band from London and consist of Grant Stacey (Vocalist), Tony Dando (Lead and Rhythm Guitars), Charlie Webster (Rhythm Guitar), Sparx (Bass and Backing Vocals) and finally Perrin (Drums)

GraVil are set to release ’No More Forgiveness’ on 5th May and this album is far heavier than the band previous outing ‘Thoughts Of A Rising Sun’. The new album is fuelled by inner demons, personal issues and with a new approach to the writing process, involving band members Webster (guitar) and Perrin (drums) has added a heavier sound to the album while Dando (guitars) continues to keep the familiar GraVil sound running throughout.

Before the new album is released GraVil dropped ‘Decommissioned’. This song is hard hitting from the moment the song starts and pulls no punches as it deals with betrayal on a huge scale.

Stacey mentions,
“It deals with betrayal on a huge scale. One of my favourite songs from the album, it’s really punchy and therapeutic, in a twisted kinda’ way!”

From the moment Detonate begins until the last beat of One Eyed King, I never once stopped listening to the album. I was pulled into the underlying story of each song. This album is not to be taken lightly, GraVil have filled the 10 track album with power, well written lyrics and instrumentation and a hell of a lot of aggression. If you are a fan of DevilDriver, Cradle of Filth or Lamb Of God then I would suggest checking out GraVil and their upcoming addition to the metal world ‘No More Forgiveness’

Tracks to listen out for are Detonate, Decommissioned and Forever Is A Prison.

Track Listing:

  1. Detonate
  2. Are We Alive
  3. I Am The Blood
  4. Plagues, Thieves and Murderers
  5. Locate The Traitor
  6. Choke In Silence
  7. Fractured, Divided
  8. Decommissioned
  9. Forever Is A Prison
  10. One Eyed King

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