Album Review : Metallica – And Justice for All

This year is a big celebration for Metallica, as they are celebrating their 30 year anniversary of their album “And Justice for All.” The album has been remastered and re-released with a slew of ways to buy it.

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You can get the deluxe boxed set for a mere $200.00 or get an old-fashioned cassette for as low as $9.99. I have to say that at $200.00, you do get quite a bit of stuff. The deluxe box set includes the album remastered on 180-gram double LP and CD, three live LPs, a picture disc, eleven CDs, four DVDs featuring unreleased content, an MP3 download card of all audio, a tour laminate, a set of four patches, Pushead print, lyric folder and sheets, and a 120-page hardcover book with never-before-seen photos and stories. This is truly an amazing package. They made packages for the diehard fans all the way to a fan who just wants to listen to the music. 

Metallica is an icon in heavy metal. If you are one who has listened to them since the 80s, then you would know that this particular album had a lot of controversy because of the lack of bass from bassist Jason Newstead. According to many rumours, Jason’s part was mixed out on purpose. If you were hoping that the remastered version would have some originals with the bass mixed back in, then think again.

The music in the remastered version is crisp and clear. I noticed the drums to be more intense and have a deeper sound. Overall, I didn’t notice a huge difference. There was maybe some slight change in sound, but it was hard to compare. I listened to the new version via headphones, through speakers, and on my phone to see if maybe I could find some differences bigger than the few slight ones. I didn’t.

One could think of this one of two ways. One, why mess with perfection? Or two, the original was so edited, that they really couldn’t do much more except maybe turn up the bass. 

The tracks are heavy. There is everything from war with the song (“One”) to corruption (“Eye of the Beholder”).

I am a big fan of some Metallica music. I think that some of the diehard fans will be ordering some of the packages they are offering with never before told stories and pictures.

I would have liked to see some differences that were noticeable from the original version of the album and to hear some bass turned up instead of edited out. It would have been a true masterpiece and a treat to hear some of the original tracks that never made it to the album with the bass in it.

They did something right though because this album sold over eight million copies. Metallica is a true heavy metal icon.






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