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Album Review: The Forty Nineteens- “Rebooted”

The Forty Nineteens band portrait
The Forty Nineteens, a Temecula, California based band who include Detroit-born John Pozza (vocals/
bass), Chuck Gorian (guitar), Pittsburgh native Nick Zeigler and (ex Mary’s Danish) on drums/vocals. Photo Credit: Emi Honda. Image used with permission

Let’s start things out with this: I’m pretty wide open when it comes to music preference. I love styles ranging from The Beatles to The Misfits, Eric Clapton to Mushroomhead and everything in between.

What I enjoy the most about The Forty Nineteens; is their affinity for smash-boxing several musical elements together into a two-and-a-half-hour fluid, yet solid groove for your eardrums. So much of their sound is a blend of very catchy riffs and melodic harmonies, while the lyrical content sets a completely different stage. It almost feels like a “Like what you hear? Listen a little deeper” mentality.

“I’m Free” opens up this album with an instant, get up and move type groove. It makes me think of something you would hear the racetracks play to pump up fans before the drivers hit the gas and take that seemingly eternal left-hand turn.

“Wasn’t It You” brought me back to the late nineties, very Third-Eye Blind/ Fastball; but extremely nostalgic in a heartwarming “I’m Home” way. That’s a feeling which is uniquely present in a first-time listen, and I think it made me take a little more notice.

“Get Myself a Selfie” reminded me of a more modern influenced “You Really Got Me” by Van Halen. Only, less of a drone and more harmonic.
“I Walked with a Zombie” took me by surprise, with a softer keyboard base, and rolled me right into an easy rockabilly sound.

I can hear so many influences in their music, and I appreciate every one of them. It’s usually a pet peeve of mine to have so many variant earworm tunnels and pathways, but The Forty Nineteens have found a glorious unity that works for all of them.

You can find out more about The Forty Niniteens at their website at , or visit their Facebook page.

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