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ALBUM REVIEW: Travis – Live at Glastonbury 1999

1999 seems an eternity ago.

The Mars Polar Lander was launched, the Kosovo war was raging, Napster launched to facilitate dodgy music sharing via horrendously slow dial-up connections.

Closer to home, The Scottish Parliament began its service and Travis launched their second album The Man Who

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their second album, an expanded edition of The Man Who has hit the shelves.

But there is also a second and historically more important release: Live At Glastonbury ’99.

Travis’ second album was released earlier in 1999, and while it gained some public support and a little radio airplay, it briefly peaked at number 7 in the UK Album charts, before sliding away.

Their first album release Good Feeling was more of a charged affair, although tracks like More Than Us did hint at their melodic/melancholic side. Hence the style of the second album proved a source of disappointment for some critics at the time.

But Glastonbury, 26 June 1999, was the day this was to all change.

Travis went on to play a stunning set on The Other Stage.

History shows that the rain kicked in during their seventh song, Why Does It Always Rain On Me, and the crowd and the BBC went wild. The song was released as a single a short time later and it pushed the album and the band to the edge of international stardom.

A large tour followed, including support for Oasis in America. And of course their Saturday Glastonbury Pyramid stage headline slot a year later (The year Bowie headlined on the Sunday).

If ever ANY band had a sliding door moment, then this was one of the more prominent.

Listening to the Glastonbury gig, some 20 years later, it still sounds fresh. Good Feeling is a great track, while tracks from the second album such as Writing To Reach You and Turn, bring back fine memories for me of Australian Barramundi wine and fresh seafood.

This is a great and long-awaited release.

Live At Glastonbury, ’99 (CD, & Digital)

All tracks recorded live at Glastonbury Festival / Pilton, UK / 1999.

  1. Blue Flashing Light
  2. The Fear
  3. Writing To Reach You
  4. Good Feeling
  5. U16 Girls
  6. As You Are
  7. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
  8. Coming Around
  9. All I Want To Do Is Rock
  10. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  11. Good Day To Die
  12. More Than Us
  13. Driftwood
  14. Slide Show
  15. Turn
  16. Happy
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