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Alicia Keys, Sir Tom Jones, Ava Max and Yungblud on new Deezer “ASMR Sessions”

Alicia Keys, Sir Tom Jones, James Blunt, Ava Max and Yungblud whisper their biggest hits for new Deezer “ASMR Sessions” 

●    Unique compilation is the first time that musicians have collectively transformed their music into “ASMR” style 
●    Exclusive tracks on Deezer and available in 360 Reality Audio for a unique immersive experience
●    Global survey of 12,000 people reveals over 60% have engaged with ASMR 


Alicia Keys, Sir Tom Jones, Ava Max, James Blunt and YUNGBLUD have assembled to get fans tingling with the new ‘ASMR Sessions’ on Deezer. Each artist transforms one of their superhits using their own unique interpretation of ASMR, into a surprising and never before heard track.

The exclusive Deezer Originals compilation marks the first time that global artists have performed their own music in an ASMR ( ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’) format. The audio phenomenon uses sounds like breathing, tapping and whispering to trigger a physical or emotional response.

The new Deezer “ASMR Sessions” features:

  1. Multi-Grammy award winning Alicia Keys showcasing a breathy version of ‘Fallin’
  2. Heartbreak icon James Blunt gently whispering the classic You’re Beautiful
  3. Living legend Sir Tom Jones who gives a suprisingly mellow rendition of ‘What’s New Pussycat’ – a massive fifty-six years after it was first released
  4. Chart-topper Ava Max taking the dance beat of ‘Kings & Queens’ to a chilled beach and waves vibe
  5. Alt rock star YUNGBLUD’s intense version of Parents’

“ASMR content is becoming increasingly mainstream and Deezer has seen consumption of it increase by 248% worldwide since the start of 2020**. Given the appetite of our users for that head-tingling feeling, we decided to take things one step further. Today, we’re proud to unveil our ‘ASMR Sessions’, which give fans a new unexpected twist on the genre, featuring some of the world’s biggest artists bringing their lyrics to life with an intensity you’ve never heard before. So put on a pair of headphones, as these tracks are sure to stimulate a reaction!”  said Nigel Harding, Deezer’s VP of Global Artist Marketing.

Fans that want to take it up a notch can get an even more intimate ASMR experience with 360 Reality Audio. Available exclusively  for our HiFi subscribers, the immersive experience places everything from the track, including individual noises like whispering, tapping and breathing, in different positions inside a virtual 360 spherical audiospace. Our HiFi users will be able to find all the ASMR Sessions tracks on our exclusive “360 by Deezer” app.

To support the launch of Deezer’s ‘ASMR Sessions’, Deezer surveyed 12,000 people worldwide* to reveal their feelings towards the format. Although ASMR is frequently perceived as ‘niche,’ the survey found that 63% of people already engage with the format. Out of those who’ve already watched or listened, 61% do so either once a week or more often. The full survey results can be found here.

You can see what all the fuss is about by discovering all of our ‘ASMR Sessions’ on our new ASMR Channel. Here you’ll find plenty of music and podcast content to help you delve into the world of relaxation, shivers and tingles.

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