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Ashley Kutcher releases heartbreaking new single ‘Emotionless’



June 24, 2022 – Rising pop artist Ashley Kutcher shares the heartbreaking new single “Emotionless,” out today via Darkroom/Interscope Records. On the gently swaying lament, the 23-year-old drowns in the sorrows of a fresh break-up: “I wanna be emotionless,” she yearns, “I wanna feel emotions less.” It’s another showcase of Kutcher’s pointed and poignant songwriting. Built on soft acoustic guitar and the singer’s aching croons, the track transforms from an intimate bedroom ballad to gut-wrenching anthem. “You’re outta my bed, so get outta my head,” she cries on the chorus. As the track progresses, a heavy beat begins to throb underneath while the instrumental gets ever woozier, underscoring the numbness that Kutcher is straining for. 

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“Emotionless” is Kutcher’s third release of 2022. It arrives on the heels of recent hit “Nothing’s All The Time” and fan favorite “Love You More,” which has amassed over 5.3 million Spotify streams. After the release of her One Eighty debut EP last November—featuring the hit “Love You From a Distance”—Kutcher is continuing to emerge as an artist to watch this year. In March, Kutcher performed her first-ever headlining shows to sold out crowds in Los Angeles and New York City, where she played the moving songs from One Eighty to enraptured crowds. Revisit One Eighty at all digital retailers HERE and stay tuned for more music coming soon as she puts the finishing touches on her debut album, set to release later this year.


Singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher tells raw, real, and relatable stories through her music by candidly addressing her own mental health, pondering where a relationship might be headed, or discussing her emotions in depth. By doing so, she invites listeners to partake in her story as they live out their own. The Baltimore-born and New York-based singer, songwriter, and artist asserts herself as a consummate storyteller with a whole lot to say. She started to build a connection in 2019 as she performed countless gigs in local bars in between attending college for nursing. Gaining traction with her own music online, she answered a Twitter follower’s request with “Love You From A Distance.” After taking over TikTok and inspiring millions of creates, the song exploded to the tune of over 47 million Spotify streams and paved the way for her first EP, One Eighty, in 2021. It yielded fan favorites such as “If I Could,” “The Night You Left,” and more. In its wake, she notably sold out her first two headlining shows on the East Coast in New York and the West Coast in Los Angeles. Now, she opens up more than ever on her forthcoming debut album due out later this year [Darkroom/Interscope Records].

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