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Beth Orton brings a touch of class to Glasgow

Beth Orton swings into town tonight as part of the Alanis Morrissette tour and makes Glasgow just that bit better by her presence.

Beth was pleasantly shocked by the size of the OVO Hydro arena in Glasgow; it’s a big arena that can easily engulf a performer, not on their A-game. Her plan was to pretend it was her own tour and the audience were there for her. In truth, they may not have been initially but could she win them over?

Like the majority of guest and support artists that make the Hydro their home for the evening, Beth walked on stage to a sparse crowd; at any other venue in Glasgow the number within the arena would have been a huge number but this is a huge arena that can swallow you up.

A hug backdrop proudly displaying her name adorned the back wall of the stage and Beth stood front and centre, assured by the presence of her superb band. The nine-song set list began (after a dodgy Scottish accent by the centre stage singer) with ‘Stolen Car’ and Beth strolled through a cracking set in front of a steadily increasing number making their way to their seats.

Confidence grew as the set went on; the crowd acclaim got louder and longer until the inevitable final song took the appreciative audience into their pre-Alanis break.

Beth Orton and her small group of on-stage cohorts were sonically fantastic but if there is a criticism it was the stage presence. If Beth could add more sparkle to her stage presence she would be the complete package… rooted behind the microphone stand seemed to be her safe place.

That very small observation does not, in any way, detract from a touch of class visited upon Glasgow in the shape of Beth Orton… I’m sure the city will see her again sometime soon and will be all the better for it.

Oh… did she win over the crowd? She did and then some!


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