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Canadian rising star Anna Sofia releases brand new single and video ‘6 FT Under’





“I wrote 6FT Under about someone who tried to change me into who they wanted to be with. They had me so far removed from myself that I felt like my true self was gone forever. 6FT Under is a metaphor for burying who I really am for this person.”

Anna Sofia has an ability to address romantic turmoil with wit, sardonicism and dark comedy through her immaculate songwriting; using beguiling metaphors to reframe toxic relationships. From baking your ex into a cinnamon bun with the brilliant unconventional ear-worm ‘Eat It All Up’, the 17-year-old Canadian rising star’s new single ‘6FT Under’ is a rousing alt-pop banger, written by Anna and produced by Jeff Hazin, ‘6FT Under’ illustrates the experience of rediscovering one’s true self after suppressing it for the acceptance of someone else. The lyrics, “‘6FT under ground, that’s how you keep her down..You want a picture perfect part of me, I’m done with you.. I just want me some jam and toast,” shows Anna Sofia’s talent for tying up difficult coming-of-age experiences with lyrical humour and incredible hooks from the dark to the trivial. The official video, set in a church at night, shows two versions of Anna; the buried and the alive, but come together to regain Anna’s true identity, through an astounding performance on the altar. It’s no surprise that, for an artist so young, Anna has won critical acclaim, with millions of streams and legions of dedicated fans, with a sound that is totally free of pretence and bull*****, singing directly to the heart of the Gen Z experience. 

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Releasing her first song at 16-years-old, Anna was able to capture the trials and tribulations of high school with searing honesty as it happens IRT, so much so that her single ‘Self Aware Bitch’ was chosen to feature in the #1 Netflix Original series “Ginny & Georgia’, speaking to the gossip that travels like wildfire through school. Already an incredibly prolific songwriter, Anna dropped her first EP of the same name as the world went into lockdown in 2020, and followed up just a few months later with the ‘Broken Perfection’ EP, a bold step for an artist coming into her own, with the sharp wit and cynicism of someone way beyond her years. 

Growing up in the small town outside of Toronto, Anna Sofia would perform to unassuming diners at her parent’s local Greek restaurant from the age of four. Anna would dream of escaping to the big city, inspired by artists from Elton John to Freddie Mercury, Tyler the Creator to Unknown Mortal Orchestra and BENEE. Always drawn to the art of self expression, at one dance recital as a teen, Anna filled a five-minute gap in the performance with an instinctive cover of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. It was at that moment that Anna’s horizon became clear and she realised singing was the only option. 

With an astounding ability to capture the harsh reality of the politics of friendship groups as a young woman, on tracks such as ‘Meaner Girl’ (“’Cause I’m a mean girl to a meaner girl/Never really liked you/Just stuck in your world), Anna gained local and national attention with ‘I Try’, which painted a picture of young love and obsession (“Regret taking a chance on a boy like this/Now I’m wrapped around his finger and I don’t mind it”). In her own words, Anna writes from her immediate experience, which, at 17-years-old, is high school and becoming a young woman. “For the young kids who haven’t reached high school yet but are watching all the cute high school movies and think it’s the dream, it’s really not. There’s a lot of drama and it’s a place where you have to devote your life to working because that can make or break your future”. 


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