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Dream Pop Band MUMMY DIAMONDS Touch On Wack Personalities In Ethereal New Single “ONE MORE CHANCE”

LOS ANGELES, CA  | SEPTEMBER 10, 2021: Dream pop band Mummy Diamonds are back with their newest ethereal single, “One More Chance,” since releasing a string of avant-garde and experimental folk tracks – such as “Fantastic Feeling (Why Should I Let It Go?)” and “I’ll See You in December” – in the quarantine year of 2020. 

Their latest release One More Chanceis a haunting 80’s new-wave inspired project that touches on troublesome personalities, the addiction to drama and how sometimes we find ourselves being the motivator of the toxicity. The new single is available for streaming on all digital platforms today. 

When discussing the concept behind One More Chance,” James and Shanna Stein of Mummy Diamonds share: “The first lyric that we wrote for it was ‘beg for the fire…’ It’s meant to be about that person who is always wanting drama, or creating chaos. That person who’s addicted to friction and neither of us can stand that personality, and maybe sometimes it’s one of us!”James Stein, Mummy Diamonds

Mummy Diamonds also created the track aware that fans would relate to One More Chance in many different ways: “A lot of people these days are grappling with whether to persevere or jump ship, to burn it down or repair it. Just like them we’ve gone through these things. ‘One More Chance’ is personal, but at the end of the day it kind of doesn’t matter. It’s art. When you make music, people are going to relate to it however they wish”Shanna Stein, Mummy Diamonds

Formed and based in Los Angeles, Mummy Diamonds is James Stein and Shanna Stein. Mummy Diamonds was formed during a week-long getaway when their good friend and collaborator Zachary Busby was traveling from Delaware. As lifetime artists of various mediums, James and Shanna were embarking on a fresh musical start. They had begun writing and recording all new material unexpectedly congruent with that fateful visit from Zachary.

Maintaining yet building upon signature stylistic elements from James and Shanna’s past musical endeavors, Mummy Diamonds represents artistic evolution. Blending a unique combination of musical elements from genres such as alternative, dream pop, island and folk combined with cinematic inspired haunting vocals and harmonies, Mummy Diamonds’ music is acoustic-based with wavy space synths, romantic guitars and grimy bass and drums. Mummy Diamonds creates an oceanic vibe that can evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions for the listener. An empathic, spiritual vibe for all moods from romantic to introspective, sexy to macabre, Mummy Diamonds’s music always still somehow manages to uplift and remain life-affirming and hopeful. 

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