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Emma Miller to release new EP ‘Set Me Down’ 19.11.20

"Voice with the richness of a Belgium truffle" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

Set Me Down, the second EP from Elgin, Scotland based singer Emma Miller follows the beautiful pattern raised from singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Sail Away’, sharing songs about heartache and letting go, while also representing the artist’s own small musical liberation, allowing all her imperfections and contradictions to be on show.

The songs truly represent an arc in Miller’s songwriting: bridging the organic and more produced sounds, into soft electronics and back to stripped down piano and vocals. Miller has been finding her voice over the last three years and doesn’t shy away from sharing that process here. 

“Although the majority of the music was written and recorded in London, I wrote ‘Low Light’ at home in Scotland fairly recently, and it seemed to embody a lot of the theme of Set Me Down. It’s another song about letting go and returning to the small everydayness of life, and finding peace there.

“I wroteSet Me Down’ nearly two years ago when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the music industry and all that that entails. It has quite a literal meaning really, I wanted to be wrapped up in cotton wool and gently set down, away from the hubbub and franticness of London.

“Funnily enough, a year later that’s just what happened. I left London, dropped the pretence of my music having to pay the bills and came back home to the north east of Scotland. Listening to the song now, it’s like hearing a small piece of my life being played out, things have come full circle in a way and I get a strong sense of peace from that.”

Releasing music since 2017, Miller has taken a noticeable step back over the past 2 years. Instead, as she quietly watched and supported her peers to  find success in their own musical projects, she chose to diligently focus on her songwriting and began working on a body of music she could be proud of.  

Like many artists and songwriters who’ve found themselves jaded by the music industry, it  wasn’t until Miller let go of the idea that music had to pay the bills that she fell head over  heels in love with it. Today, amongst other things, (such as roaming the Scottish hillsides and looking after her dog, Gracie) Miller is pursuing a Diploma in Counselling Psychology, supporting people in the quest to navigate their mental health. 

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