Featured Artist: Scottish Musician Mikey Duffin Reviews Muse’s ‘Simulation Theory’

Featured Artist- Mikey Duffin

Reviews Muse’s Simulation Theory

This week’s featured artist is emerging Scottish musician, guitarist Mikey Duffin. Currently studying music at Ayrshire College, Mikey is making beautifully crafted, striking guitar instrumentals packed with melody and emotion. 

” Hi! I’m Mikey. A vocal and opinionated guitarist and a struggling one at that. Been playing for a few years and currently studying music to be half as good as Tommy Emmanuel. If you want to listen to or read anything I have done then go here for all the things. www.mikeyduffinmusic.wordpress.com” 

Mikey has given us his thoughts on one of his favourite musical acts- legends MUSE….


Like, seriously, what happened to MUSE

As an avid MUSE fan, and have been for a reeeeeeeally long time, I can’t help but notice that they are running really cold at the moment. With their new album, Simulation Theory, being released, it left me kinda sad.

(Let’s go back in time and walk though Muse’s history)

Showbiz – Great album. Crazy alternative masterpiece with some fast and slow, and, weird and wonderful songs. Apparently inspired heavily by Radiohead. I used to argue this point but I can see the similarities. MUSE just did it better.

Origin of Symmetry – Probably their best album. Hands down. No questions asked. I will fight anyone on this.

Absolution – Still keeping to their weird and wonderful sound, they managed to keep writing massive bangers that are still amazing.

Black Holes & Revelations – This is around the time when they touched on the mainstream market. Became less weird and dissonant and more… Pop-y? Starlight and Super Massive Black Hole being two of the many songs on the album that were popular with “everyone”. Mainly through the use of mainstream media picking up on the songs. Starlight was used for Sky Sports for years and Super Massive Black Hole was used in twilight.

The Resistance – The beginning of the end. I didn’t hate the album by any means. And I’m all for diversification but this album is where things started to go south.

2nd Law – Dubstep, electronica and house? What the hell Muse? Now don’t get me wrong, I like Dubstep and House music but come on, I don’t listen to Muse to listen to that.

Drones – After their last two albums I wasn’t convinced. I was hoping for a miracle. I was hoping for even a glimmer of their older stuff. Just something. ANYTHING. Then boom… Drones was heavy. As. Fuck. Every song in drop D and it made me fall in love all over again. I had the album on repeat for months and while everyone around me was getting fed up hearing the same songs over and over and over, I was in a state of euphoric Bliss (no pun intended (More like p-UnintendedAm I right? (Wink wink nudge nudge)))

And now we’re here. I can’t. I just can’t anymore. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times and you’re officially “that guy”. I don’t think I could cope with a worse album than 2nd Law. I can’t.

Simulation Theory – Released on the 9th of November. An album bathed in 80’s synth. The cover art looks like it’s taken straight from Tron. Now, before I go on a tirade, I have a love/hate relationship with this album. I love neon and 80’s synth so when I first saw where it was going I was in two minds. I was like “Oh maybe this could be good. Or it is going to be like 2nd Law AND BREAK MY HEART ALL OVER AGAIN”. An over-exaggeration? Maybe. When the first single dropped (Dig Down) I gave up. I thought it sounded like a Madness (Single from 2nd Law) clone and I thought “That’s it! Game Over!”. And as more singles released I lost more and more faith. I like the direction they went in. I love me some 80’s synth but I think I might be drenched in nostalgia. I’m not saying I hate the album by any means. I like some of the songs off it. Pressure and Thought Contagion are good songs. With The Dark Side sounding like it just fell out the 80’s. But the other songs just don’t tickle my fancy. It’s like my brain cannot accept that they’re doing new things and I hate it for that.

I know it sounds like I’m over reacting but I’m really not. MUSE were THE band that helped me through all my teenage shit. All the bad shit that ever happened to me. Muse was always there. With really good music.

I’ll forever love MUSE. But MUSE when they were MUSE. Not now. I can’t. They’ll always be the best band I almost loved forever.” 

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