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 Florence + The Machine shares new track + video ‘Heaven Is Here’

‘Heaven is Here’

“Every song I ever wrote became an escape rope tied around my neck to pull me up to heaven”


Florence + the Machine shares new song ‘Heaven is Here’. 

Written in spite of lockdown one, Florence channeled her frustrations at being creatively chastised into this immediately arresting, 2 minutes 8 seconds of powerful choral chant set to primal drums and vocal percussion. 

The Autumn de Wilde directed video shows a cast of dancers led in possesed procession by Florence. Choreographed by Ryan Heffington with chilling precision to bring the music to life, the short burst of bewitching, other-worldly energy – audibly and visually –  takes your breath away. 

Joy, grief, breath, the body, movement, the soul, power, rage, powerlessness, spirituality and escapism are all at play in this flash of pure brilliance.

Words from Florence on the song and video HERE

LISTEN / WATCH ‘Heaven Is Here’


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