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Frances Forever details debut EP with title track, ‘paranoia party’, featuring viral hit ‘space girl’ (Mom + Pop)

Frances Forever announces new EP, ‘paranoia party’, with title track/video
Featuring hit single ‘space girl’ + more
‘paranoia party’ EP out July 9th on Mom + Pop

Charming…a hint of Mac DeMarco or Talking Heads” – Pigeons & Planes
“Is one song enough to make them a one to watch in 2021? Yes, absolutely” – GQ
“Clever, twisted…expect big things” – Spin
“Breakout bop” – CLASH
“The intergalactic ear-worm that has swept the internet…it’s Frances Forever and ever” – Notion

Frances Forever, the project of Boston-area singer-songwriter and soon-to-be college graduate Frances Garrett, has today launched brand new single ‘paranoia party. It’s the title track (and brilliant video) from Frances’ upcoming EP, and their debut project for Mom + Pop (out July 9th). Having received its first play on BBC Radio 1 last night, ‘paranoia party’ also features ‘Space Girl’, which exploded on Tiktok, landed over 57 Viral Spotify charts, and has surpassed 80MM+ global streams. The EP launch coincides with Frances’ new merch line, available to pre-order below with $1 of each sale going to The Ally Coalition.

‘paranoia party’ further seals Frances Forever’s fate as a breakout act. Showing off their mastery of vintage texture, velvety vocal harmonies, and command of 2021 attention spans in equal measure, it balances their familiarity with emotional extremes with an undeniable ear for melody, and a gift for timeless songwriting. From the doo-wop glaze of opener ‘depression’ to the horn-flecked indietronica of ‘daytime,’ ‘paranoia party’ carves its identity from stopovers in darker, braver territory as Garrett spills their guts about fumbling their own power. Those enchanted by ‘space girl’ have plenty to root for too, though, as the EP’s title track serves as its boldest mission statement; stacking a story of college-party anxiety against a circus-tent waltz, which glitches and stutters in line with Garrett’s narrative confidence.

Speaking on the title track, Frances Forever states, “I wrote the song after actually going to a party and realizing I didn’t know anyone there, and I just didn’t feel like myself. It was just like strangers all around me. That’s why [I wrote] the line ‘my minds going 50, my body’s going heavy’ – feeling like I can’t move and my mind’s racing, just a sense of anxiety surrounding that. Then you’re in a room surrounded by strangers and all the weird unfamiliar smells and disassociating a lot. This EP is all about feeling alone in a crowded room. I’m hoping that listening to these songs will help you realize that everyone in that crowd feels the same way. Let’s share our troubles, softie sophomores.”

‘paranoia party’ also continues the phenomenal journey of ‘Space Girl’, which truly took flight this past year: it’s still running at over 500k average daily streams, landed over 550 million video views, seen 500k Tiktok creations, with a new version also featuring fellow rising star chloe moriondo dropping earlier in 2021 Coming off this wave of success, Frances Forever has set their sights on a world far larger than the one they began to conquer. On ‘paranoia party’, their claim is staked more definitively than ever, its myriad moods promising to send listeners reeling into romance or off floating in existential space. It’s a ‘paranoia party’, and you’re invited to the celebration.

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