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Funeral For A Friend reissue their first three albums on double-vinyl sets

Funeral For A Friend

To reissue their first three album on double-vinyl sets

Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation


Tales Don’t Tell Themselves

Available on preorder now from

Released on 29th October 2021

Funeral For A Friend, one of the leading post-hardcore bands of the 2000’s are going to be reissuing their first three albums – ‘Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation’, ‘Hours’, and ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’ – on double vinyl sets, with ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’ being made available on vinyl for the first time ever with side four emblazoned with an etching of the bands crest. All are replicated with the striking artwork of the original releases.

To be released on 29th October, all three will be available on Dig! and includes a special bundle deal for all three records. They can be pre ordered now via

In a soon to be released exclusive interview with Dig!, the bands lead singer, Matt Davies-Kreye discusses all three albums…

Matt on ‘Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation’ “It’s a testament to the creative environment that we had as a band… It still blows my mind that we were able to create such a cohesive body of work, not just with the record, but with the whole thing… Not many bands get to have that experience so quickly in their career.”

Originally released in October 2003 through Atlantic Records, ‘Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation’ is the band’s debut album and cemented them as one of the most important new rock bands of a generation. Critically acclaimed the album received 8/10 from NME – making the top 20 of their albums of the year 2003 – 9/10 from Drowned In Sound and in 2012 Rock Sound magazine added it to their ‘101 Modern Classics’. The critical acclaim rolled the band into commercial success with them breaking into the UK top 15, an incredible feat for a post-hardcore band and the record has been certified Gold.

Matt on ‘Hours’… “That album was allowed to incorporate the best elements of what made Funeral For A Friend Funeral For A Friend. The quiet songs are really intense, and the heavier songs are quite rowdy because of it. It just feels like the purest Funeral For A Friend album. For me, the experience of making that record was life-changing.”

‘Hours’ is the band’s second album and was released in June 2005. Again met with critical acclaim with Kerrang! rating it 4/5 and NME 7/10, it again broke into the UK album charts reaching number 12 as well as making an impact in the US with Rolling Stone rating in 4/5. The album spawned four singles all ​​’Streetcar’, ‘Monsters’, ‘History’ and ‘Roses for the Dead’ all of which charted.

Matt on ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’... “Of all our albums, it’s become the grower… I really like the record, because I see it as a body of work – as an album in itself. It’s remarkable what we managed to pull off.”

‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’ was released in May 2007 is the band’s third album. Their big commercial breakthrough, it charted at number three in the UK selling 25,000 copies in its first week and later was certified Silver. ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’ is a concept album about a fisherman called David who is battered by wild storms and fears for his life and not seeing his family again before being reunited after braving the seas once more on a man-made raft. 

Funeral For A Friend were originally formed in Wales in 2001 around the line-up of Kris Coombs-Roberts: Guitar & Backing Vocals, Gareth Davies: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals, Matt Davies: Vocals, Ryan Richards: Drums, Percussion & Vocals and Darran Smith: Guitar. Upon releasing their debut album, they received the ‘Best British Newcomer’ award at that year’s Kerrang! Awards. Their second album, ‘Hours’, was released in 2005, featuring the single ‘Streetcar’, their fourth consecutive Top 20 UK hit and they went on to win the 2005 Kerrang! Award for ‘Best British Band’.



LP1 Side One

All The Rage


Roses For The Dead

Side Two




LP2 Side One



The End Of Nothing

Side Two



Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation

LP1 Side One

Rookie Of The Year

Bullet Theory


Side Two

Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings

Escape Artists Never Die


LP2 Side One

Moments Forever Faded

She Drove Me To Daytime Television

Red Is The New Black

Side Two

Your Revolution Is A Joke

Waking Up


Tales Don’t Tell Themselves

LP1 Side One

Into Oblivion (Reunion)

The Great Wide Open

The Diary

On A Wire

Side Two

All Hands On Deck

Part 1: Raise The Sail

Part 2: Open Water

Out Of Reach

LP2 Side One

One For The Road

Walk Away

The Sweetest Wave

Side Two

Etched (no audio)

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