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Glass Animals team up with Jackpot Peanut Butter to support Grassroots Music Venues


Glass Animals team up with Jackpot Peanut Butter to support Grassroots Music Venues with limited edition reusable and refillable pot 

  • Limited edition reusable peanut butter pots designed by Glass Animals, will be on pre-sale for fans on the 27th May and general sale on 9th June 2021
  • Jackpot has been supporting Music Venue Trust since 2017 and this is their first artist collaboration to mobilise support and funds for grassroots music venues
  • This partnership will help raise funds and support for grassroots music venues at a time of need for music, culture, artists and their teams, and crew
  • The collaboration, which comprises a limited edition pot and exclusive sweatshirt, will be available on the 9th June, exactly 7 years since the release of Glass Animals’ first album ‘ZABA’
  • As the country and the world reopens to welcome back live music fans, Glass Animals and jackpot want to join forces with fans to provide support to live-music-starved audiences
  • Glass Animals are announced as patrons of Music Venue Trust

Fresh from their acclaimed performance at the recent Billboard Music Awards, British band Glass Animals have partnered with purpose-led brand jackpot to release an exclusive limited-edition, reusable peanut butter pot and recipe sweatshirt. 

Designed by Glass Animals, £2 from the sale of each reusable pot will go to Music Venue Trust, the charity that represents over 900 UK grassroots music venues. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic a chance encounter between jackpot and Glass Animals uncovered their shared love of intimate live music venue experiences and the importance of keeping such venues open. They also discovered the serendipitous connection in the line: “You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes” from the song ‘Gooey’ on the band’s 2014 album ‘Zaba’. Wanting to contribute to these venues opening their doors again and supporting local grassroots music culture, jackpot and Glass Animals decided to join forces. 

The Glass Animals x Jackpot Peanut Butter can be pre-ordered now, from before the general on-sale date of June 9th 2021. 

Lyrics: “You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes” Glass Animals, from ‘Gooey’, 2014

“I’ve been eating jackpot peanut butter for years. There’s a jackpot stall in a market next to my house in Hackney, and I loved the look of the packaging to be honest…plus it had a quote from Gremlins on. So I picked up a tub. It was delicious. And that’s when I started reading the small print on the back. Each sale includes a donation to Music Venue Trust, the charity which looks after grassroots music venues…i.e. the venues that gave us a shot in the early days when we had no idea what we were doing…the venues that need help to survive but do an extraordinary amount for music culture”, said Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley.

“And then I read further and saw that the tub can be brought back and refilled!!! It wasn’t another single-use piece of plastic that was going to go sit in a landfill. So I refilled. And refilled. And eventually cut to three years, many refills, and 1,293 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches later, we turned up at our rehearsal space, and there sat four tubs of jackpot peanut butter with our names printed on and a small note saying to get in touch. We got in touch. And this is the result. Glass Animals x Jackpot Peanut Butter.”

Since officially launching in 2016 jackpot peanut butter, with its purpose of “the wellbeing of all the people from our pot to the planet”, has shaken up the world of peanut butter. Jackpot’s social mission is to save independent grassroots music venues from closing down through their continued support of the Music Venue Trust whilst being environmentally responsible by reducing waste through reusable packaging, using organic cotton and recycled polyester for their apparel merch, and by supporting a healthy, plant-based diet. 

Rupert Leigh, Creator and MD of jackpot peanut butter said, “It is more important than ever that grassroots music venues and the culture of music is nurtured and supported. Without these venues the next generation of musicians and artists can’t grow and emerge and become the next Glass Animals. At jackpot everything we do is rooted in our purpose to give back and provide real value, and I am really excited to see how this collaboration can shine a light on how we need to look after and invest in our music culture neighbourhood by neighbourhoods.” 

Beverley Whitrick, Strategic Director Music Venue Trust said “MVT’s work is always amplified through partnerships with others, whether that is innovative companies such as jackpot (who have been so supportive for the past 5 years) or amazing bands like Glass Animals. Artists who express their appreciation for grassroots music venues help their fans understand their importance and we are delighted to welcome Glass Animals as patrons of the charity. We are excited to be part of this project that joins together music, climate consciousness, good food, great design and a celebration of our wonderful venues.”

Glass Animals – Dave Bayley (frontman), Ed Irwin-Singer (bass), Drew MacFarlane (guitar) and Joe Seaward (drums). 

2020 was a whirlwind for Glass Animals – the UK’s truly original and hugely loved band who confidently set out their stall for their fervently anticipated third album with first single ‘Your Love (Déjà vu)’ in February, then set off on an impressive run of tour dates to celebrate the new music, when the trip was brought to an abrupt halt along with the rest of the world in March. However, being the uniquely creative band that they are, the band quickly conjured up new ways to connect with their international fanbase and bring some distraction and innovation in difficult times. 

They released a series of ingenious covers, built their own Open-Source website, created their very own TV network, made some jaw-droppingly inventive music videos and teamed up with huge YouTuber (2.1M subscribers) LoverFella to build a Dreamland base and surprise a fan on Minecraft  – all while, crucially, inviting people into the enchanted world of ‘Dreamland’. The band recently announced a U.K. tour in November 2021, including rescheduled shows at London’s Alexandra Palace and Manchester’s O2 Victoria Warehouse, and an extensive US tour selling 135k tickets in 3 days.

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About jackpot

jackpot was originally created as a fictional peanut butter brand on a T-shirt in Hackney, London, in 2013 for skate company APN (A Public Nuisance), created by Rupert Leigh.  As the idea and brand recognition grew, Rupert decided that actually making peanut butter for real as a way to offer a great tasting nutritious product and at the same time generate support and donations to grassroots skate and music culture, was the way forward.

The jackpot vision is to support ‘the wellbeing of all the people, from our pot to the planet’. This means bringing the best possible product, responsibly sourced and made, being transparent and honest, striving for zero waste, and doing good. Jackpot wants to directly benefit its communities and neighbourhoods and accomplish positive change with partners such as the Music Venue Trust and SkateboardGB. 

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Music Venue Trust is a registered charity, created in January 2014 to protect, secure and improve the UK live music network by securing the long-term future of iconic grassroots music venues such as Hull Adelphi, Exeter Cavern, Southampton Joiners, The 100 Club, Band on the Wall, Tunbridge Wells Forum etc. These venues have played a crucial role in the development of British music over the last 40 years, nurturing local talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and develop their music and their performance skills.  

We work to gain recognition of the essential role these venues fulfil, not only for artist development but also for the cultural and music industries, the economy and local communities. We aim to preserve and improve venues, making them more efficient and improving the experience for performers and audiences. Long-term we plan to acquire the freeholds of as many of these vital venues as possible.   

Music Venue Trust is a Charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, registration no: 1159846.

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