I Prevail: Lifelines


Michigan band I Prevail has just released their new album called Lifelines. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the album but was pretty sure it would be great. The band has come really far from being famous for the cover song “Blank Space” and moving out from that to LifeLines.

I listened to the album many times over the last few days, and I love the wide variety of music they are showcasing. They have it all, from their pop punk songs, to the hardcore screams that Eric Vanlerberghe belts out.

The first song “Scars” starts with a hardcore, explosive introduction to the album. Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals) and Eric Vanlerberghes (screams) are a good combination.

The second song called “Stuck in Your Head” does just what it says. It gets stuck in your head. This song has a hook that you won’t forget.

Moving forward a few songs, you have “Alone” which showcases a softer side to the band and features more clean vocals. It is a great addition to this album. The band then delivers a soft acoustic song “My Heart I Surrender” which is a nice finishing touch to this album.

I Prevail’s post-hardcore songs with a mixture of pop punk definitely puts this album in a place for a wide variety of listeners. They have definitely worked hard and it shows. This band is going far, and you should definitely go give them a listen!


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