Interview: Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse talks about their Greatest Hits album and Looking for Summer tour.

Lifehouse is a multi-platinum rock band with 7 albums to their credit that have collectively sold over 15 million copies.  Lifehouse is supporting the release of their first Greatest Hits album in July of 2017.  Lifehouse  band members include Jason Wade (lead vocals, guitar), Bryce Soderberg (bass, vocals) and Ricky Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums, percussion).

I had an opportunity to interview Bryce Soderberg, bass player and vocalist for Lifehouse on August 18, 2017,  and this is what he had to say.

Ivan Romero: First of all, thank you very much. I will be sharing this interview with, an online music magazine. I’m a big fan, love the music, love the band. I had an opportunity to take some photos of you guys a while back at Universal Studios Orlando and the show was just fantastic and the crowd loved you guys.

Bryce Soderberg: Uh, we  love playing there, they always take us on the Harry Potter ride. [laughs]

IR: [laughs] Ok. Well looking at,  I guess now,  17 years for Lifehouse, you’ve now got a Greatest Hits record. What does that mean to you and to the band at this point, to be able to say that you can put together a Greatest Hits record?

BS: Well, you know, we look at it as a pivotal bookmark in  our career. There are not a lot of bands that can say they have released a Greatest Hits record. To be in a group for 17 years and have 7 albums and have a fan base that is engaging and, you know, it’s a really big achievement to be grateful for and, um, we are still staying present and just enjoying creating and performing through this.

IR: That’s great.  You’ve probably heard this question a million times so I apologize if it’s redundant. How do you decide, there are obvious songs that would be on there, Hanging by a Moment, You and Me; how did you guys pick what is on that record?

BS: No problem, yeah, we just put songs on the record in chronological order, in  the order that the songs we released. It’s all of our singles. Fifteen of those singles we have released over the past 17 years and also three songs that our fans are really big into even though they were not hits.  There is a song called Everything, It Is What It Is and a song called From Where You Were. Individually, along with the singles, we put them in chronological order, the order in which they were released.

IR: Ok, well it is interesting you mention Everything. It was going to be my last question to you, but I think I will move it up on the list here. Everything, I think, goes back, maybe, to the roots of Lifehouse or way early on in terms of Jason’s faith, the band’s faith and what it was and how it is interpreted to be about God. Having seen the dramatization that most youth groups have done with Everything, how does Lifehouse feel about the impact that you guys have had on young people and the influence that the skit / dramatization has had?

BS: Yes, I have seen that skit a few times and it is a very powerful, powerful skit.  Obviously we are grateful that a lot of  people are using it as an instrument to impact what their beliefs and what their faith is. Whatever path they go, God is taken in many different forms by  many different people.  We feel we like to write our lyrics in an interpretive way. If they have impact on one person in their life, it’s a huge gift. That song in particular has resonated with so many different people all across the board. To us, it still really rings in our hearts every time we perform it or every time we hear it. It’s been a really pinnacle song for Lifehouse that we still enjoy playing.

IR: Well hopefully it is on your current set list.

BS: Absolutely!

IR: That’s awesome. Specific to you, do you have a favorite Lifehouse song?

BS: I like the song Broken. We have lyrics that resonate with a lot of people, again,  through their faith, beliefs, relationships or struggles or you know, anything across the board. Broken always resonated with me, coming from a very inspiring place. It shows the light at the end of the tunnel with going through pains, trials, tribulations.  That one always resonated with me with some very powerful lyrics.

IR: Great, great. I appreciate your openness with that. Looking at the success that Lifehouse that has had, from alternative to adult contemporary, when Lifehouse is working on new material, or let’s say specifically looking forward to the next album, are you guys looking at it with a certain demographic, or are you saying we are going to write what comes to us and that’s what we are going to put on the record? For example, would you target an audience and say this is going to be a great Top40 or Top100 Pop type album versus more to the alternative audience?

BS: I think we used to do that a lot more than we do now. When we were on major labels  and we had deadlines for making records,  we  would really churn out songs and sometimes you get lucky with something that is really inspired and other times you come up with stuff that is feeling forced. As writers, we are always exploring and pushing the boundaries, but not every song is a smash hit out of the gate. But nowadays, when we make records, we try not to look for a specific demographic, audience or direction. If we write a song that comes out,  when you let it flow in an inspired way, you come back through it and say ok, this is a song that can be in a movie or be on a soundtrack or a Lifehouse album or a solo album song for Jason. You just kind of write and let it take you were the writing is going to go.

IR: Absolutely.  Ok, so we have hit the career milestone of the Greatest Hits album. I am sure most of your fans or all of your fans would like to know when the next new Lifehouse album is coming out.

BS: We didn’t have plans to make a record until recently with the tour. We are all starting to get inspired again and we are enjoying the process of performing and creating. Jason wrote a song with Jon Foreman the other day which sounds amazing. Jon Foreman from Switchfoot and we’ve been talking about doing something, you know, whether it be like just a Lifehouse album. When we finish this tour, we are going to see where our creative side calls us.

IR: That’s great. That’s awesome to hear and I certainly look forward to it.  So you just finished your Greatest Hits album, you on tour with Switchfoot and you’ve just mentioned that there are already some creative juices flowing and that’s great.  How has it been being on tour with Switchfoot? I personally am also a fan of Switchfoot and I can’t wait to see the show next week.

BS: Absolutely.  They are wonderful guys and it was their idea to start this tour. Their management called us. They’re a band in a similar space, they’ve been around about the same time with music that is in a similar genre and we are meshing really well. Our fan base is really tied together at every show. They really do what they do well, across the board, connecting with their fans and they are just the greatest group of guys to tour with. For anyone listening or reading, this is a lineup that we are really grateful to be a part of and we hope we can do more work with them in the future.

IR: You know, I agree with you.  When I saw this tour announced I said man, I don’t think there could be two better groups to go on tour together. Which actually brings me to my next question, which is great because you are leading me right down my list of questions. In terms of co-headlining, both bands are superstars in their own right and to say you are co-headlining is great. So the question would be that it seems both bands have left their egos at the door and from what I hear from you, it seems that things are going great on the tour.

BS – Absolutely. I mean there isn’t  one sour ego on the tour right now when it comes to band or crew. It’s just a high energy good time  and they feel like brothers to us. Last night in Nashville, I went out with Drew Shirley and Chad, the drummer, with our guitar player Steve, and watched a local band play. It’s really nice to have this on our tour like we do.  It can be a really rare thing This has been a great idea and hopefully we can do a tour with them overseas at some point as well.

IR: That would be great.  You know, I am going to be honest with you, I think I had a short list of questions. I didn’t know how much time we were going to have to go through with this. I’d like to say thank you for this opportunity and for the music created. I am a huge fan and I honestly can’t wait to see the show next week.

BS: Absolutely. We are looking forward to it as well. We are just grateful to have our fans engaging as they have been and hope to continue this journey as well.

IR: Great. I know the schedule is aggressive but I hope you get to enjoy some of Miami while you are down here. Being California guys, you know the sun and beach as well as we do.

BS: It’s going to be amazing and we look forward to it.

IR: Ok.  You have a great day and God Bless.

BS: You to my man.  See ya!

Aug. 22 – White Oak Amphitheatre – Greensboro Coliseum Complex – Greensboro, N.C.
Aug. 25 – Bayfront Park Amphitheater – Miami, Fla.
Aug. 26 – Orlando Amphitheater – Orlando, Fla.
Aug. 27 – Daily’s Place – Jacksonville, Fla.
Aug. 29 – Ravinia Festival – Highland Park, Ill.
Aug. 30 – Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park – Indianapolis, Ind.
Sept. 01 – DuQuoin State Fair- DuQuoin, Ill.
Sept. 03 – Gillioz Theater – Springfield, Mo.
Sept. 04 – The Pavilion at Irving Music Factory – Irving, Texas
Sept. 05 – House of Blues – Houston, Texas
Sept. 08 – Mandalay Bay Beach – Las Vegas, Nev.
Sept. 09 – Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, Calif.
Sept.10 – The Masonic – San Francisco, Calif.

1. Hanging by a Moment
2. Sick Cycle Carousel
3. Breathing
4. Everything
5. Spin
6. Take Me Away
7. You And Me
8. Blind
9. First Time
10. Whatever It Takes
11. Broken (Radio Version)
12. Halfway Gone
13. Falling In
14. All In
15. From Where You Are
16. It Is What It Is
17. Between The Raindrops (featuring Natasha Bedingfield)
18. Hurricane


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