Interview with Hotel Seprino About His Latest Album, Room Keys, and Collab Projects with Evan the Twerkgod and B-Free

Anyone who is remotely familiar with the Detroit hip hop scene has more than likely heard the name Hotel Seprino before. If not his full name, then you most definitely have heard the man whisper his signature “Hotel” ad-lib onto a track. A member of the Piranha Gang collective group, Hotel Seprino has produced beats for several of Detroit’s hottest rising stars like Evan the Twerkgod, P-Lo Preme, Kitty Kv$hB-Free, and NBDYS100. In addition to being a producer, he also happens to be a rapper himself. He recently released his very first solo EP project, Room Keys, to critical acclaim. Even more recently this summer, he released a collab project called Beach Trap 17′ alongside Evan the Twerkgod which opened to even more positive fanfare. Slowly but surely, Hotel is blowing up and becoming a force to be reckoned with in this industry. He spoke with Patchchord News about his recent projects, as well as his music making process as both a rapper and producer.

originally photographed by @sxrreal. Image used with permission.

You’re a hard man to get a hold of. Super busy. We’ve actually been trying to set this interview up for the last week and every time we were supposed to start, we had to reschedule because something comes up on your end. What have you been up to lately? Music?

Yeah, I’ve been having phone troubles. I thought I fixed it, but apparently not. And I’ve been helping the homies out with music.

A few months ago, you dropped your first EP project, Room Keys. What has the general response for that project been for you?

Overall, pretty positive. We really need to promote it more. We’re gonna promote it more before we drop the next project. It’s all been positive from what we got back. 

Has the positive response opened up any new opportunities for you?

Yeah, it’s opened up a lot of doors. Room Keys has helped me work with new people who dig my shit and they fuck with it. 

Before you started rapping professionally, you were just freestyling with your homies in high school. What made you decide to make a career out of rap?

It really wasn’t a choice. I was just drawn to it organically. When I started, I was rapping and then I started making beats all at the same time. It’s just something I was naturally drawn to.

Not a lot of rappers can say they make their own beats and rap. What made you start making your own beats? Why not leave it to someone else?

When I started, I was rapping over Youtube beats and I honestly thought that most of them were shitty. I wanted to make better beats than I was using. So I told myself “Pick it up quick.” 

Do you prefer to make your own beats or allow someone to make their own beats for you?

Most of the time, I use my own beats just because I want to know everything that’ll be going on. I want to be comfortable with it, but I like to mix it up and [work] with my producer homies like HeizenBURR, my homie Bert–he does work with B-Free a lot, that’s his brother–and whoever hits me up. Lil homie Sequential Sounds, we work once in a while. 

originally photographed by @sxrreal. Image used with permission

Speaking of B-Free, we actually interviewed him about a month ago. He said you two were working on a project together, but it didn’t really fall through. Can you expand a little bit on why it didn’t fall through?

It’s pretty much done. We just never had a chance to finalize the songs. We just have to tweak them and maybe re-record some parts. It’s done, but we just wanted to drop it at the right time. We were supposed to film a video for it, but that fell through. We actually shot it, but I literally lost the video clips and we’ve been searching for them ever since. The timing just hasn’t panned out yet [to release the project], but it’s sweet. 

Are there any producers out there who you’re willing to work with? Whether that means produce with them, or they produce for you and you rap over their beat?

Oh yeah, for sure. Right now, I’m fucking with these Florida producer’s beats, man…they make hard ass shit that I couldn’t make. In my dreams, I’d love to work with Metro Boomin. I would use their beats if they offered and I would definitely be down to collab on a beat. 

What’s more important to you: making beats or rapping?

Making beats. It comes easier to me. It’s my main thing, but I still love rap. 

Does one take a longer process than the other?

I can make a beat anytime, but I can only rap when I feel like it. 

What brought you to Piranha Gang? How’d you link up with that collective?

It started out with me just working in the studio with my homie HeizenBURR. He does all of Evan’s beats and I met Evan through that. We were all sitting around in the studio [one day], and then I made the “Dirty When I’m Thirty” beat. Everyone went off on it, then I went off on it and that’s how we all started making music together. We started hanging out. Those are my homies. We were around each other so much that we just ended up forming a group.

Evan the Twerkgod seems like your go-to guy when it comes to projects since you two make a lot of music together and even made an EP together. You two really mesh well together. What do you think it is about you two that just clicks?

Just the fact that we’re always hanging out. It’s not like we’re strangers. I’m always at his house all the time; cleaning out his basement. We’re just homies and [music] comes easier with your homies.

Your projects that came out this year–Room Keys and Beach Trap 17′–sound really different. Room Keys is more trap-oriented while Beach Trap is more low-key. What mindset did you have going into each project respectively?

I don’t know, man. We were just chillin’ and then [Beach Trap] had a chill vibe. And for Room Keys…I don’t know. Maybe I’m just more hyper during the colder seasons [laughs].

How’d you come up with the name Hotel Seprino?

Well, Seprino’s my last name and [when I first started rapping] I was originally just going by my full name. I needed an ad-lib so that’s where “Hotel” comes from. [Does “Hotel” ad-lib]. 

Have you started working on your second mixtape yet?

Oh, yeah, I’ve got three projects pretty much done. Plus, the one with B-Free. 

Is there anything we can expect from either of those tapes that’s different from Room Keys?

Yeah, man, I’m anxious. There’s a lot of variety. I’m gonna start dropping shit soon. I just had to get my shit together first. 

Before we end this interview, is there anything you’d like to promote that’s coming up? Like new music? Or shows?

Follow me everywhere @HotelSeprino. I’m definitely gonna be dropping new music soon. I’m hoping to drop a lot. Just music, music, and music.

originally photographed by @sxrreal. Image used with permission.

Listen to Hotel’s debut EP, Room Keys, here: Soundcloud – iTunes – Spotify – Google Play – Amazon – Tidal

Listen to Hotel’s collab project with Evan the Twerkgod, Beach Trap 17′, here.

Where to find Hotel Seprino: TwitterFacebookInstagramTracktrain 

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