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Patchchord News correspondent, Lucy Burton caught up with Pop Punk band ROAM in Sheffield on their intimate UK headline tour:

How has the tour been so far?

Matt: Really good, its been a lot of fun, we don’t play a lot of these places very often so it’s exciting and cool to see what’s going on.

Who are the band’s main influences?

Alex Adam: I don’t know really, we used to have more obvious influences but now I think it’s just like a really, really wide range of everything.

Matt: Yeah, we listen to literally anything.

Alex: I don’t know what genre it is but we listen to a lot of chill, not rap but kind of rap.

Matt: Pop, hiphop and stuff that chills us out.

Do you listen to much pop punk?

Alex: No not really.

Matt: You know what, actually, I always say I don’t and then I find myself belting out to Four Years Strong in the car.

Alex: Yeah, when it gets put on I’m like ‘arghh fucking banger’, but until then I probably don’t listen to it as much.

Matt: Yeah, I think we’re actively not trying to not listen to it, but are actively trying to listen to other things and stretch out our musical tastes.

Alex: Otherwise we’re just going to end up regurgitating something that’s already happened.

What are the best and worst shows you’ve ever played?

Alex: I’d say our best shows were Reading Festival and Slam Dunk.

Matt: Our London headliner at The Dome was definitely my favourite show I’ve ever played. My Dad stage dived, which was amazing.

Alex: Worst shows… I mean, we did a co-headliner in the US with Handguns in 2015. Way too soon, way before we were able to headline the US. Some shows were really good, Boston sold out and Chain Reaction was amazing, but there were a lot of shows where there were very few people. With a tour like that being six weeks long, it was a killer when no-one came.

Matt: Yeah, it was a bit intense, I vividly remember there being a couple of shows where there were maybe only a couple of people there.


What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had on tour?

Alex: That whole tour was six weeks of embarrassment. The thing is, there were a few really good shows spread out that made up for it.

Matt: I can’t think of embarrassing moments. The problem with us is that we don’t get very easily embarrassed. We do a lot of dumb things but we don’t really get embarrassed by it.

Alex: We’re not really bothered by a lot.

If you could tour with any other band who would it be?

Alex: I’d like to tour with Don Broco, I just think they seem like the funniest band ever and I feel like with our sense of humour we’d really get on with them.

Matt: Yeah, I don’t know really. There are lots of good bands out there, we seem to tour with anyone.

Are there any smaller bands in the scene that you would recommend?

Alex: Wolf Culture, we are very about Wolf Culture, I think they’ll be doing big things very soon.

Matt: Yeah, Wolf Culture, there’s also Columbus and Stand Atlantic.

Alex: Homesafe, I mean they’re killing it.

Matt: There are tonnes, the scene is so good!

What’s your go-to snack to have on the road?

Matt: Chips and dip

Alex: At the moment everyone’s on a BBQ Bugles hype. I haven’t actually had a pack yet but — 

Matt: They’re good, my favourite crisps of all time are wasabi and sweet ginger Sensations. I went through a bag of them with an entire pot of hummus last night.

Alex: I had a bag of buffalo ranch Pop Chips, they’re very spicy but they’re so good.

Matt: I also really like Bournville, as well as the veggie Percy Pigs.

Have you got any plans for new music soon?

Alex: We do actually, it’s not recorded but we do have kind of an idea of when we want to start releasing stuff again.

Matt: We’re sort of thinking about starting to write… well, we’ve started writing, but we’re always kind of getting things going.

Alex: There will definitely be stuff out sooner than you expect!

What are your hobbies outside of the band?

Alex: He’s got a dog and I’ve got a dog.

Matt: I like taking pictures.

Alex: I tried running the other day, I did actually enjoy it, but then [Matt and I] just kind of stopped.

Matt: We got kind of busy, but I took [Alex] running for the first time and to be fair it was a really far run.

Alex: It was 5K and over hills.

Matt: It was hot as well!

Can you describe the band in one word?

Alex: Roam… uhhh, shit.

Matt: Bloody wonderful, but take the space out.


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