Interview With Vaultry, Talking About Eulogy and Canadian Tour

Leith Hynds of Vaultry. Photo by Keith Clark, ©2017

To give our readers an indication of the level of commitment for a band to tour, and the perspective of travelling with 6 people in a van, the distance from Victoria, B.C. to Montreal, Quebec is 4920 kilometers or 3017 miles.  And that’s just one way!

So first off please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Leith and I do vocals and I produce Vaultry. We are an alternative rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

How many members are in the band?

There’s five of us. Two guitars, one bass, drums and vocals.


Did you all grow up on Vancouver Island?

I think most of us did. Bradford (Davis) actually grew up in Utah. He was born in Canada and then he moved to Utah when he was very young. He lived there until he graduated high school, moved to California and then back to here. Josh (Christensen) grew up in Alberta but I think he moved to the island when he was in his early teens. Skye (Mclean) is from the interior. And then, I grew up on the island and have lived on the here my entire life. And Damian (Anthony) has also lived on the island his entire life.

How did you guys all come together?

Well Brad and Josh had a band before this one called Two Years and Counting and they were in that band for like four years. Then their singer decided he didn’t really want to do the project anymore. So, they were looking for a new vocalist and I auditioned. We then decided we were going to just do a completely new project. When our bass player left we decided to move Josh to bass and get a new drummer. We got Skye who was playing in another band at the time in Victoria called This Day Burns. He decided to join and do ours’ as a side project, which eventually became his full-time project. Unfortunately, our guitar player Chasen passed away last January. So, for a few months after that, we decided to look for another guitar player to join because we wanted to keep the band going but we didn’t want to backtrack a lot of stuff. We wanted to have someone that could be positive support for the band. He was a really helpful and positive when we were grieving so it is great to have Damien join in and be such a positive influence on the band.

You guys made this record and dedicated it to Chasen Fraser. Basically, was this kind of your grieving process, completing the album?

Well, we started working on it with the hope that we would get him on it. But we just ran out of time and it just didn’t end up happening.

I heard that the things progressed a lot quicker than you guys all thought it would.

Damian Anthony
Photo Credit: Keith Clark ©2017

Yeah it was definitely a lot less time than we had hoped for. And you know when you’re dealing with cancer or any terminal illness, you never really know how much time you’re actually going to have. So, we wrote five songs with Chasen before he passed away then we were like oh let’s do an LP, you know, think it’s time. So, we wrote another five songs and we completed work and the initial writing for the album and we were at a pretty good spot, but we couldn’t get into the studio till last September. So, we did a single right before that with Damian so that we could introduce him as one of the members of the band.

What was the name of that single?

That one is called “No Victory”. It came out in July, we went into the studio in September and then we released the album in January. And now it’s been a few months since it’s been out and the reception to it has been really great.

I’ve had a listen to it and it sounds great.

Thank you.

My hat goes off to you guys for pushing through.

Yeah, it wasn’t easy

I can’t I can even imagine.

There’s been a few bands, like I was talking to another guy the other day and he was saying that Eighteen Visions kind of went through the same thing. When they were performing, I don’t know if they’re still performing but their last little bit when they didn’t have their bass player who passed away, they just always set up his gear and backtracked everything. I think, rather than deal with replacing him. See, now every band deals with it differently.

I’m happy to hear that you guys pushed on. You guys did an EP first, called “Coven”. How much of a difference is there between Eulogy and Coven? Is it completely different? And are you going a different path with the music?

Bradford Davis
Photo Credit: Keith Clark ©2017

Yeah 100 percent. The first Ep was like pretty straight up metal core like it had screaming and break downs and it was, in my opinion, a pretty juvenile album. Just because, we really didn’t do anything to step out of our comfort zone. I feel like the songs were pretty rushed cause we really wanted to get some music out there. When you rushed it, we ended up even still having to wait like a year for the album to come out just because the way things work and who we decided to work with on the album. So unfortunately, we were already past it by the time it came out. We were performing songs from ‘Eulogy’ way before the album came out. And then we kind of switched to be more like a rock type band versus a metal band because I’m not super interested in metal all that much anymore. A lot of members of the band aren’t really super interested in metal anymore, so we decided to go a more accessible route.

You guys are starting a massive Canadian tour here starting tomorrow night (June 18th) at the Biltmore in Vancouver and now you’re going all the way to the end of July finishing up back in Victoria.

Yeah. That’s going to be a long month for sure.

What are you looking forward to on this tour?

I’m really excited for Toronto and Montreal. I’m playing with a couple bands I know in Toronto which is really cool. And I’m excited for we are playing a couple of EMO nights in Edmonton and Regina which will be really cool and a lot of house shows in the interior so we’ll get to see a lot all ages kids you know to see what kind of music they are all digging these days. So that’ll be cool.

How much touring have you done in the past?

We’ve only done island tours. With Chasen’s health we just really didn’t get an opportunity to go out like we want it to. So, we decided that the best option was to wait and just kind of play shows on the island until we were at a place where either Chasen was healthy enough or you know who is the right time to tour and he could put the time in, and that his health was back for him but it just didn’t end up happening.

And it didn’t work out, unfortunately…

It’s just, you know I think we were probably more afraid of it than he was. But he also had to be back for doctor’s appointments once every couple weeks so it just wouldn’t work out.

So, you’ve never played in Montreal?

No. I haven’t

Well this is quite the tour for you then.

Yeah. It’s going to be learning experience for sure.

Are you guys just picking up local acts as you go to open shows?

Yeah, we were planning on doing a tour package but there’s a couple bands we reached out to that agreed to do it, who had to back out for whatever reason. So, we ended up just deciding to do it solo. And it will be a good gauge to see, you know, to see who’s where, and make some knew friends. Next tour though we’ll see if we want to do with a tour package. It’s difficult because a lot of bands, especially starting out bands, can’t get super great guarantees, so it makes touring with multiple bands on your own difficult.

Is it a jet or a bus for this tour?

It is a Ford Econoline.

It’s the infamous Ford Econoline, there you go!

We converted into a camper so we can at least sleep in it every night.

Who in the band is the worst one to travel with? Because, you’ve done some mini tours, so you kind of have an idea of how you guys all fit in there.

We’re all terrible for different reasons. Brad likes to micromanage things and gets really upset things are off plan. For me, I’m a really, really deep sleeper, it’s like impossible to wake me up. That’s really annoying for people in the morning when they’re trying to get me up because I sleep like the dead.

 Who’s the driver in this adventure?

Probably be between Brad and Josh they’re going to share. They really like the driving. They’ve driven the longest they had their licenses for the really long time because I got my license two or three years ago so I might do a little driving but. I don’t know if I’m going to do the majority of the driving like they are.

You’ll get the prairie stretch…

Maybe we’ll see maybe that or the interior, one of the two. Yeah it should be fun. Damian is bad because he takes bathroom, lots and lots of bathroom breaks.

You guys will be at the restaurant at the truck stop or whatever, and it will be, OK, everybody go to the bathroom.

And I think we’re going to force him to just bring a bottle in the car.

There you go. Anything else you want do you want to add?

Yes. We’re going on the Canadian tour and if any of your readers are interested, our dates are posted on our Website, on our Facebook, and on our Twitter. We’ll be hitting up basically every big Canadian City minus the Maritimes. We have a new album out called ‘Eulogy’. You can stream it on Spotify, Googleplay, iTunes, basically any major retailer and it’s available for purchase at all major music distributors.

Vaultry Links: Website || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Spotify

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