Interview : WOES, chat about signing with UNFD and touring

Patchchord News correspondent, Lucy Burton caught up with Scottish Band ‘WOES’ on their last day of tour which is at The Garage venue in London, supporting Seaway to ask them some questions:

WOES – The Garage London Jan 2018- Photography Credit : Lucy Burton

This is the last day of tour so how has it been for you guys?

DJ: It’s been amazing…the shows have been really busy; we’ve met tones of people the are into our band and I think we’ve made a lot of new fans. We’ve also become really good friends with Lizzie and Seaway.

Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of people on social media interacting with the band

Yeah we’re not really sure how its come about but its awesome.

Neishy: Our socials are like doing really well and people feel really comfortable to interact with us.

What we were saying the other day is like, on Monday I’ll be an I.T guy and he’ll be a lorry driver, the same as the people tweeting us. Some people never get a tweet back from a band they like but I just think it’s such an easy thing to do.

How did the band actually form?

DJ Sean and Stuart used to play all the time in another band that DJ and Sean formed.

We’d been playing for maybe five or six years together as a punk band but it just didn’t really go anywhere… we could play good but we decided to start again, start a new band, and just take everything as professionally as possible.

It was just mainly thinking about what we were doing before doing it.. thinking about how are we going to do this? whats the right way to do this? … it makes a really big difference

How do you feel about getting signed to UNFD and can we expect anything different from you now?

I feel amazing. Yeah I’m buzzing, there are so many good bands that I listen to on that label

I think one of the things we are most excited about is that UNFD are mainly known as being a heavy label. We are kind of the only Pop Punk band on that label and it’s nice to be in that position of being kind of first in the queue.

Hopefully you can expect that we continue to make good music and Pop Punk, but just do it better because we’ve got more backing and intelligent people around us. It’s a bit of a cliche but I hope we can ‘take it to the next level’

Instead of it just being pop punk or whatever we have the potential to put it in a new sort of circle, and hopefully more bands will follow and start a new wave

What are the main influences for the new track ‘Real World’

Thats a good question, I think that it started off with like a throwback 2000s vibe that I quite like. It sounded like something that you’d maybe hear in a movie, and as the song went on, it kind of sounds like a song that you would hear on a night out. In terms of being like a Pop Punk song It’s one you could nod your head to or dance to and thats what we like about it.

It’s deliberately got a grove to it

We used to write really difficult technical songs that were hard to play but now we’re trying to write songs that are still technical but hard not to get stuck in your head, hard not to nod your head to, and hard not to dance to. I think that’s a sign of a really good band, a song that you can’t resist getting involved with.

and stuff thats easy to listen to, is groovy, but also makes you think about it.

Just cut all the rest and say It’s ‘groovy’

WOES – The Garage London Jan 2018 – Photography Credit : Lucy Burton

What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever played?

There’s been a couple… umm we played Brixton which was our 19th show as a band. Less than 20 gigs and we got to play at Brixton but theres some amazing UK rock bands that never got to play there after hundreds of shows

I really liked when we did Amplified Fest. Yeah the festival got rained off immediately after our set it was lashing down but we didn’t have covers or anything so we were on the stage literally getting soaked as we were playing. Our gear was absolutely soaked, it was freezing but we managed to power through. We were all wet and at the time thought our gear was broken but we were proud that we managed to get through it and show how professional we were in that situation.

There were still people there singing, at least seven people looked like they were having the time of their lives. it was perfect

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had on tour?

We played at The Great Hall in Cardiff and I ripped my jeans open at the crotch about three seconds into our set. The way the stage was meant that everybody was eye level with my crotch and there was nothing I could do! It wasn’t like I had a spare pair of trousers back stage that our tour manager could just come and put on me.

If you could tour with any band who would it be?

I would say The Story So Far because they’re just one of my favourite bands, they’re really really good live and they’ve got a super dedicated fan base. ( And we’ve already toured with Neck Deep so where do we go from there!)

I’d love to tour with Bring Me, that would be absolutely sick

Last question, can you describe the band in one word?


It’s quite a big question, you’re asking me to describe my life with one word.



Thank you very much I hope the show goes well.





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