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Her Picture first came to the attention of PCN Magazine a few months ago when they were the special guests of Walt Disco at St. Lukes in Glasgow. At this time they were known as Fauna and absolutely tore the venue apart. Guest/support bands rarely receive the ovation that Fauna did on the night and it was certainly deserved.

PCN Magazine was suitably impressed; impressed enough, in fact, to make contact with the band with a view to introducing them to our readers. in the time that has passed Fauna has been working endlessly to repackage and rebrand and will officially unveil their new persona on the 13th of July… we’ve checked and it’s NOT a Friday! Under their new moniker of Her Picture they will also release their debut single entitled ‘The Nature of It’ on July 13th.

Our Assistant Editor, John Brown, managed to catch up with Anny from the Glasgow-based band during their very busy schedule and asked them to tell our readers a little bit about themselves.

Introducing Her Picture…

“We were all very young when we started playing music together, roughly about 15 or 16 years old. Our motivation at the beginning was just to have fun in a creative environment with the company we enjoyed being around.

It’s fair to say as well that our various musical backgrounds and other experiences influenced us to start a band.

Cat and Anny started out as classical cellists for instance but found the environment could be quite stifling and competitive.

Being in a band felt instantly different; there was a sense of community and freedom that we hadn’t gotten to experience yet… we felt we could explore our instruments much more. So, our love of music and songwriting has always been, in some way, entangled with our respect and love for each other as friends and bandmates. We’ve always said that if one member was to leave then we would disband… there would be no point because it wouldn’t be the same.

This connection is something that audience members have often picked up on, telling us that they can see how close we are when we’re on stage, which is lovely to hear. We’ve grown up with this project in the most organic way, it has completely shaped our development as individuals and I think this is reflected in the evolution of our songwriting.

Although we had always taken the band seriously and wanted it to be successful, it wasn’t until after the pandemic that we realised how committed we were to it; we began to experiment more with our songwriting and our individual instruments and found that what we were creating was no longer indicative of, or felt related to, our childhood project.

So, we all felt that it was necessary to undergo a rebrand, to show that this is a distinct new chapter of our collective.

Our new name – Her Picture – is loosely connected to this idea of committing to your craft. It’s related to the Virginia Woolf book ‘To the Lighthouse’, in which Anny wrote her English dissertation on. The narrative, among other things, follows a young artist, Lily, as she struggles through self-doubt, gendered prejudice and other obstacles before arriving at a place where she can finally accept her craft. This happens when she finishes painting her picture at the end of the book. “

Anny mentioned that she felt the content of Woolf’s story , particularly resonated with her and her perception of the band, given the time in which she was studying it, during the pandemic when all of the music industry was at a standstill. “With all of this context in mind, we really felt that Her Picture was the perfect new name for our project and what it now means to us.

We are so excited to finally be releasing music under this new name. Our debut single is called ‘The Nature of It’ and has been a staple song in our set for a couple of years. Because it was written for a live setting it was crucial for us to transfer the energy and punch that the song is known for into the recording. We couldn’t be happier with how our producer Jamie Holmes has helped with this transition, his work on this track is incredible and invaluable.

The lyrical content of ‘The Nature of It’ is charged with frustration and anger; trudging through the mundane every day, living by necessity and having this ideology forced down your throat that you should be grateful and fulfilled by a bare minimum, a collective frustration that everyone is feeling, it seems.

We are so happy with it and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Her Picture is – Finlay Smith on drums, Anny Tahaney on lead vocals, Lewis Docherty on guitar and Cat Reid on Bass.

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