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J.T.LOUX Release Their Debut Album ‘TAKEN BY MOONLIGHT’


Northern California band J.T. LOUX – featuring vocalist / guitarist J.T. Loux, bassist Ethan Pecha, and drummer Zach Cook – unleash their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Taken By Moonlight,’ available now.

Teaming up with Producer Frank Hannon of TESLA, this album contains 8 brand new songs that the band has written and recorded throughout this past year. 

In 2019, Loux took notice of Cook and Pecha playing in local clubs and loved the way they grooved together as a rhythm section. Reconnecting in January of 2020, at the NAMM show, Loux asked if Cook would be interested in recording some music together. A couple weeks later, they added bass player Pecha to start their song writing journey. 

The group has set out to create their own style of modern rock music. Combining J.T.’s  songwriting, melodic singing and aggressive guitar playing, Cook’s solid hard hitting drums, and Pecha’s thunderous bass tone, these three musicians create a massive sound for a trio. 

On working with producer and guitarist Frank Hannon from the multi-platinum selling band TESLA, J.T. says, “Working with Frank Hannon on this record really brought it to the next level, he helped craft and evolve these songs throughout the entire process.”

On the writing process – “The song ‘Taken By Moonlight’ went through a lot of phases over the course of making this record. Starting off as just an acoustic guitar riff, it turned into much more of a rock ballad when collaborating with the whole band.”

On shooting the video for ‘Taken By Moonlight’  – “The making of the music video  for ‘Taken By Moonlight’ was a really fun process. In order to achieve the moonlit setting we set up white sheets on all sides of the band, which included hanging a queen sized sheet 15 feet into the oak tree above us. Shining lights through the sheets, it diffused the lights and allowed for a more soft moonlight vibe.”

J.T. LOUX has been working non-stop on the development of harmonies. The mixture of both Cook and Pecha’s vocals have opened up endless opportunities for unique sounding melodies. Pulling inspiration from modern bands such as Jack White, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Dirty Honey and Rival Sons, as well as being influenced by classic bands such as The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

At 18 years old, J.T. began to work on Hannon’s ranch to help pay for studio time. When J.T. left his previous band, in late 2019, he began to sing and write his own songs at the age of 19. Through the guidance of Hannon and writing/recording his demos, he discovered his own sense of style and singing voice.

J.T. was just 13 years old when he met Hannon for the first time. “Growing up a huge TESLA fan, I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for Frank and his music, so to be able to work with such a talented musician/producer, I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.” 

“Throughout the process of making this record, we decided to not use a click track when recording the music,” explains J.T. “We felt that it gave the songs more life as well as feeling less stiff from track to track. The song ‘Love Is a Drug’ will always hold a special place in my heart because we had spent a lot of time writing and arranging the song. When it finally came time to record, we ended up getting the whole song in the first take. Working with Frank Hannon on this record really brought it to the next level, he helped craft and evolve these songs throughout the entire process.”

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