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Jesse Walton – Pages – Album Review

On 14th May ‘21 Jesse Walton released his second album PagesPages is a nine-track, 32-minute album which mixes various folk influences with personal lyrics and some good strings .  

The first track – I’m Gonna Start A Fire – has hints of Gregory Alan Isakov, Passenger and other more subtle influences; whereas the second – White Rain – contains more ‘70’s influences and vocals reminiscent of Gilbert O’Sullivan; and the fourth – Don’t Take My Heart – has hints of Leonard Cohen.  

Whilst the songs on this album have a theme lyrically – darker than the music would suggest – they all bring something different musically. Into The Light is a more upbeat tune with a poppy-dance feel to it, Farewell She Wrote is a more simple arrangement, and Starlight has a late ‘60s/early ‘70s vibe,which includes good use of clarinet.

Overall it’s a nice album with a light sound to it which would work perfectly on a summer’s day sat outside.  The use – but not over-use – of the harmonica and the beautiful instrumental rounds off the album.  One question the album does leave, though, is, why does Jesse pronounce “believer” as he does in the chorus of I’m A Believer?

Pages is now available digitally for both sale and streaming.

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