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Klara Keller Shares new single, ‘Lucky Luke’

Ahead of new project Bang due September 23

Swedish artist Klara Keller today shares new single ‘Lucky Luke’ inspired by a Parisien cowboy. This follows her first track in the English language ‘Sad Thinking of You’ which she released in May this year. Both singles feature on her upcoming mini-album Bang which she has announced will be released on September 23rd. 

As Klara explains, ‘Lucky Luke’ is “about a cowboy in Paris who gave me a blue watch with a little Lucky Luke on it. We were at a party in a pink house where he lived and everyone wore funny hats. When I wrote the song I was in a period where I experimented a lot with different sounds and styles. But in contrast to that I also wanted to write a simple, yet powerful, song for the record. I started the production with vocals and guitar. Then I found the odd little synth melody to put right before the chorus that I personally think makes the whole song, but also that the drums that come in after 1 minute.”

Across this new project, Klara has found her new musical family having begun working with Rob Coudert and Thomas Hedlund of Phoenix and having her self-produced music mixed by Jack Lahana (Phoenix, Air) and mastered by Chab Mastering (Daft Punk, Christine and the Queens). 

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is 24 year old Klara’s base, it’s where she’s always written, recorded and produced her music. In 2021 she found herself yearning for a change and in search of something new. She relocated to Paris, made new friends, explored new experiences and soon the stories started to flow out of Klara at a speed she hadn’t encountered before. These stories turned into songs with her sonics quickly developing and evolving into something effortlessly thrilling.

Klara released her critically acclaimed debut EP Hjärtansfröjd in 2020, which was nominated for ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ & ‘Best Album’ by Hyundai Nordic Music Prize, The Swedish Grammy Awards, Gaffa Prize and Manifestgalan, the latter she won. Coming from a family of basketball players, Klara was the odd one out, always singing and creating, inspired by her dad’s collection of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan records. Figuring it all out on her own, Klara began writing and playing guitar at 10 years old, and soon became captivated with Björk, M.I.A and Patti Smith and their ability to exude both strength and sensitivity, with their own artistic universes.

Currently residing in the renowned Rue D’enghien in Paris – home to Phoenix, Samy Osta & Alexandre De La Baume to name a few – Keller has found her new home. With her refreshingly playful style paired with melancholic melodies and poetic lyricism, Klara creates a unique and timeless world that’s completely her own.

‘Lucky Luke’ Artwork

LISTEN to ‘Lucky Luke’
WATCH ‘Sad Thinking of You’
LISTEN to ‘Sad Thinking of You’

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