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Liam Gallagher – C’mon You Know- Album Review

To be Released on Warner Records – 27th May 2022

26 years after the famous Oasis Knebworth gigs, lots of infighting, breakups and then solo tug of war with his brother Noel, Liam Gallagher releases his much anticipated new album “C’mon You Know” to accompany his massive upcoming gigs.

On release the title track “C’mon You Know” received a somewhat mixed and muted response from the fans but it showcased, to some degree, what was to follow on the album.

There are a few engineered tricks and twists on the album but, for the most part, it’s a simple and well-produced album.

The album opener is “More Power” and it opens with a small children’s choir and a totally acoustic vibe. It’s an introverted gaze on the past with Liam’s voice front and centre as he ruminates “mother, I’ll admit that I was angry for too long”.

This is a good album throughout with quality from start to finish. There are, however, a few points that beg to be highlighted.

There is a definite late 60′ vibe to a lot of the tracks and when I say late 60’s I really mean The Beatles; and when I say The Beatles I really mean Paul McCartney. Liam has taken his love of Macca and thrust his own stamp on the album. It’s not a copy of the Liverpudlian icon but it’s an unavoidable comparison through the long-player.

There are nods, conscious or not, to other artists through. They go from the subtle to right in your face.

There is something Chemical Brothers about the drums in a couple of songs and, in particular, “Better Days”. It doesn’t turn the song into a dance tune but lives just underneath the mix to great effect.

The mid-paced “Everything’s Electric” is a stomping rock tune that could be from any number of bands until the Liam vocal kicks in. This is not a negative opinion or in any devalues the album because, well, everyone likes a simple rock out once in a while.

“C’mon you Know” is a very listenable album from start to finish with one or two stand out songs. Sure, the hat is being tipped to The Beatles. On a couple of the tracks, the hat isn’t being tipped; it’s being taken off and put on the wall of the shop at Abbey Road studios. This is most obvious on the final track; if this was an instrumental track I would have sworn it was a Beatles song waiting for vocals.

Don’t let any of the above remarks sway you in any way. This is a damn fine album that needs your ears. Definitely (maybe) give consideration to throwing some of your hard-earned coinage at this album as it deserves it.

Also being released is Down By The River Thames which is anticipated to be the album of the Year

You can order purchase the album here – LIAM GALLAGHER


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