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Lissie Shares The New Single ‘Watch Over Me’

From ‘Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009)’ Which Follows On September 10th

Retrospective Campaigns Also Includes The Release Of ‘Catching A Tiger (Anniversary Edition)’ On August 20th

Making the most of lockdown by using it as an opportunity for reflection, Lissie has gone back to her roots with a two-part retrospective campaign which has taken her back to the formative years of her career. It has shown that even in her early years as an artist, Lissie possessed a gift for beautifully crafted songs rich with timeless sentiment and self-evaluation. She today goes back to the very beginning by sharing the previously unreleased song ‘Watch Over Me’. Listen HERE.

‘Watch Over Me’ introduces us to the 21-year-old Lissie, a good six years before she broke through with her landmark debut album ‘Catching A Tiger’. Deploying nothing more than her already soulful vocal adorned with a single guitar, the song is a snapshot of where her life was at. In just two minutes, Lissie documents a time of new beginnings, with hope for the future and the hedonism of young adulthood. It’s a simple, hymnal ask for guidance at a time of immense change.

“‘Watch Over Me’ is a song that I wrote when I moved to LA in 2004,” says Lissie“I had dropped out of college and moved to this wild, busy city where I barely knew a soul!  I was moved, in a spiritual moment, to say a little prayer for protection as I navigated my early 20s, big city life and the music industry.  I’d been studying abroad in France just prior to my move and was also partying a lot back then, so I found this song to be very grounding to write and perform.”

The single is the opening track on ‘Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009)’, which will be released on September 10th. The nine-track collection traces Lissie’s early development as a songwriter and artist, taking her from the end of her teens to the edge of a global breakthrough. That moment came in 2010, with ‘Catching A Tiger’, an album which would eventually sell 300,000 copies worldwide, notably achieving Gold status in the UK in recognition of 100,000 sales. A rush of transatlantic critical acclaim included a Q Award nomination for Best Breakthrough Act.

An ‘Anniversary Edition’ of ‘Catching A Tiger’ will be the first installment in Lissie’s rootsy retrospection when it’s released on August 20th. It adds five songs to the original tracklisting, all of which were recorded during the original album sessions with producers  Jacquire King (Tom WaitsModest Mouse) and Bill Reynolds.

Both albums are available to pre-order here. All bundles featuring both albums on vinyl and/or CD will also feature an exclusive signed photographic print.

The award-winning and acclaimed Illinois-born and Iowa-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lissie still derives the strongest connection from music after four albums, multiple EPs, and countless gigs. She manages to consistently connect, whether on tape, on-screen for David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ and Peter Farrelly’s ‘Loudermilk’, at rallies for Senator Bernie Sanders, or during one of her sold-out shows. And now she continues to make strides forward, telling her story like never before by going back to where it all began.

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