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David Brooks. I’ll say again; David Brooks.

Chances are you haven’t heard of David Brooks but I can pretty much guarantee you have heard his work. You see, A talented musician in his own right, David has graced the work and live performances of many renowned and revered acts for many years and is probably best known for being part of Gary Numan’s touring band.

As C-19 ravaged the world many working musicians were hit really hard financially, mentally, and artistically. Many found some comfort (and hopefully some financial benefit) during this period by offering online tuition, remixes for other artists, and various other collaborative ventures; others decided it was the perfect time to record the noises in their head.

David Brook heard those noises and as his new alter ego – Little Finger – he assembled a multi-talented band of singers and musicians and recorded an album. That album is called Big Finish and David was good enough to give me some time to speak to him and listen to the album.

As I was writing the review my limited vocabulary began to run out of superlatives and I would delete what I had written and start again and again… until it became pointless. My review was reading like that of a teenage fanboy and, being of a certain age, that just wouldn’t do!

So let me simply say this…

Big Finish writes it’s own review; it is simply a stunning piece of work that can’t be placed in neat little genre box. It’s all genres and none. I liked it so much that I bought a copy and reviewers simply don’t purchase albums to review!! Do yourself a huge favour and spend 8 British Pounds and download the album. If you consider yourself a lover of contemporary music then you need this album. Physical formats and merchandise are also available and I assume other currencies will be accepted. Damn… I’ve gone all fanboy again!

By way of finishing the article we thought it would be a good idea if David Brooks introduced himself in his own words. Grabbing any real time with David is difficult as he is in great demand; not content with recording and releasing his album he was/is preparing and rehearsing for a live streamed gig with Gary Numan. Gary has also just released an outstanding new album which, at time of writing, sits at #2 in the UK charts (#1 in physical sales).


The text below has been supplied by David and includes a link to each of his talented collaborators. Please give the links a visit.

So without further ado…


I moved from Yorkshire to London in search of fame and fortune at the end of the 80’s with a singer called TJ Davis whom I’d met at music college. Sadly, I never found either. I started playing in bands though and gradually progressed from the average to the fairly successful. Things started to get interesting with Cutting Crew and then D:ream and TJ got the gig doing backing vocals for Gary Numan on the Dream Corrosion tour in 1994.

I first met Gary (Numan) through TJ at various gigs and parties so when his brother (John) left the band I was invited to join. I’ve now played keyboards for Gary for the last 25 years and I’ve loved every minute of it and I’ve managed to slot in various things along the way such as working with Smokey Robinson, Bananarama, Alphaville and, more recently, Enrique Iglesias, Ellie Goulding and Nicole Scherzinger.

I’ve known Chris Payne for many years through Gary Numan and he brought me into the Rusty Egan Presents Visage project. We were supposed to be gigging throughout 2020 (as was Gary Numan) but COVID put a stop to that. We are playing at V-Festival in Belgium on 28th August this year though!

I currently live in Sussex with my wife – who provided some vocals for my album – three kids and a dog. I have a studio in my house where I’ve been producing other artists during lockdown and also recorded my own album (Big Finish).

LITTLE FINGER is a collective of singers and musicians working on songs I’ve written and produced. I started out making a dirty electronica album but as time progressed it mutated under the influence of the many fantastic people that I managed to persuade to work with me including past and present members of Gary Numan’s band. The plan is to do some gigs up and down the country when we’re allowed to play again.



Finally…. a YouTube video for the synthists and Techies

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