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Mari Kattman – “Is it Really That Bad” EP

You may not have heard of Mari Kattman; in fact, you probably haven’t unless you are part of a certain genre of music. Well… that really is your loss!

Mari has been around for a while now and, quite frankly, she is one of the best vocalists in the dark electronic scene and has collaborated with some of the big hitters. Her voice is captivating and displays some of the elements of greats such as Kate Bush (in the higher register) and Sian Evans (Kosheen). Her tone and melodic abilities really are remarkable.

Mari is embarking on a new chapter and to kick it off she has teased us with an ep called “Is it Really That Bad”. There are two original tracks and two remixes of the title track and they command your attention from the opening sound till the fading end.

Atmospheric and highlighting a historic personal time in her life, Mari attacks the opening track with her amazing voice and dance-inducing beats. The melodies and sharp leads bring the track together along with some top-notch engineering and mastering to hook you from the off.

You are still on the hook as the bait of track two appears… Trust” keeps you biting and wanting more.

Remixes of the title track can sometimes seem like a cop-out and can spoil the brilliant work displayed in the first tracks of an ep… fear not, as the remixes take the lead track to different places whilst holding true to the original. The remixes have been put together by a couple of well-known acts in the scene in the shape of Rotersand and Neuroticfish. Collaborations within the scene are common and these combinations work really well.

Mari Kattman is in much demand for her vocal abilities and it’s easy to see/hear why. I think there is every chance that her vocal abilities could well be in high demand as a solo artist if the people outside the scene are willing to dip their toes and try something non-mainstream.

Just in case you missed the message here… this release is outstanding!!

As a little aside… my favourite album of the last 5 years is “Mourn” by Assemblage 23. Mari is married to the singer of A23, Tom Shear. How can one family have so much talent?

Mari will, I’m sure, will release an album at some point soon… A23 might have a contender as my favourite album if that were to occur.

As an aside to my aside… Mari and Tom have collaborated previously under the guise of “Helix” and you probably know my opinion on that release.

Is it Really That Bad is out now on Cop International Records

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