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The Mission – Another Fall From Grace


When I was first assigned this album to review I met the request with some hesitancy, immediately confessing to knowing very little about the band nor indeed recollecting ever hearing any of their songs. Not a great start I must admit and I seriously considered passing this one over, however, my first instinct when doing a review is to read the bio that accompanies the album.

The smile on my face could not have got any bigger when on the bio sheet it listed collaborations with Gary Numan and Martin Gore (he of Depeche Mode fame) No self respecting music lover would pass over an opportunity like this. Earphones on, volume up and see where it takes us.

1 hour later earphones slipped off and a look of disgust on my face, disgust at the thought that a self proclaimed music lover like myself had never heard of this band. From the first song (Another Fall From Grace) to the last (Phantom Pain) I was captivated by the haunting voice of Wayne Hussey, the captivating guitar play of Simon Hinkler, the reverberating bass of Craig Adams and last but not least the resounding beat of the drums of Mike Kelly.

You cant put a rating on talent for it comes in many forms, talent is the ability to make people smile to leave a lasting impression on ones soul so to speak. This album left a deep and immovable impression in my head and in my soul. This isn’t me waxing lyrical or using artistic licence to beef up a post, those that know me know that as a rule, ask me to review anything, then your putting your patience to the test. Shirking from a negative review is not in my character, but, I genuinely couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this album.

Tyranny of Secrets & Can’t see the ocean for the rain both got 5/5 in my notes. Valaam a 1:16 min spoken song left me speechless. 12 more times I have listened to this album in the 6 weeks that I have had it, and each time you notice something different. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an album that will have you jumping around replicating a mosh pitt at some rock concert, this album grabs you by the neck and demands that you sit down, listen and pay your respects to the undoubted, underrated and overpowering talent of The Mission.

Should you buy it? if its not on your CD player within 3 days of reading this review, your dead to me.


Another Fall From Grace – Track List

  1. Another fall from grace.
  2. Met-Amor-Phosis.
  3. With the deepest darkest (Fearful).
  4. Blood on the road.
  5. Can’t see the ocean for the rain.
  6. Tyranny of secrets.
  7. Never longer than forever.
  8. Bullets & Bayonets.
  9. Valaam.
  10. Jade.
  11. Only you and you alone.
  12. Phantom Pain

The Mission

Wayne Hussey (Vocals/Guitar)

Craig Adams (Bass Guitar)

Simon Hinkler (Guitar)

Mike Kelly (Drums)

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