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Patchchord News / PCN Magazine – USA Contributor Pix Meyers Interviews Quinn Sullivan at the Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY. – September 13, 2018

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Interview with Vintage Trouble at the Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow with PCN Contributor Gavin Ross & Editor in Chief Martin Bone

In 2012, Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde) burst onto the scene with “Okay, Cupid,” a track which turned out to be a surprising overnight sensation. From there, she released several EPs and a few high profile singles, including “Orion’s Belt” with Riff Raff. Her career took off from there and she hasn’t looked back since. Mostly because she isn’t very proud of her past as a rapper. Instead, the newly matured Kitty hopes to transition simply as an artist in a league of her own. Kitty’s evolution continues with the recent release of her first full length album, Miami Garden Club.

A far cry from her days as a rapper, Kitty’s new album highlights a new synthpop direction accompanied by an experimental sound with personal, powerful lyrics. She stops by Patchchord News to discuss her latest project, the themes centered around that project, and the music making process she endured from working on this album for the last few years.

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