Photo Gallery: Freestyle Under the Stars at Miramar Amphitheater in Miramar, FL on 2017-11-18

Miramar, FLFreestyle music is alive and well in South Florida.  Charlie Rodriguez Live Entertainment has put together a lineup of the best freestyle artists of the 80’s and brought them to the new Miramar Amphitheater at Miramar Regional Park in Miramar, Fl. The concert, happening on November 18, 2017 has been much anticipated by the very loyal Freestyle music fan base. Charlie Rodriguez is no stranger to freestyle music having been the mastermind behind the highly successful 1993 Cop Aid concert held in Hialeah, Fl with a record setting attendance of over 15,000.

Freestyle music is a combination of dance and electronic music originating in New York but also having much popularity in Miami during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Freestyle music made the crossover into mainstream radio and was receiving regular airplay from artists and groups such as Stevie B, Expose, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and Shannon.

The Freestyle Under the Stars concert features 80’s freestyle artists Cynthia, Johnny O, George Lamond, Freestyle, Trinere, Cover Girls, Stevie B, Lisette Melendez, TKA and Coro. Legendary Miami DJ Alex Gutierrez was on point and warmed up the crowd as they prepared for trip back to the 80’s in South Florida. Below are the images from that concert.


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Cover Girls

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George Lamond

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Lisette Melendez

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Johnny O

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Stevie B

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