Photography Gallery: SHHT with support from Borokov Borokov at Muziekodroom- Hasselt Belgium – 8th March 2019



SHHT are Michiel – vocals  & sample box , Mathijs – synths, Nathan – guitar, James – bass guitar & synths , Wouter – drums. 

Meeting the guys from SHHT has been a great experience. After the sound-check, they invited me backstage. When I was preparing for my pre-gig review they asked me if I was in a hurry because they wanted to make some photos outside. At a nearby company, they saw an old scale. They went in and asked the owner if it was ok to take some pictures on the scale. The owner did not know what happened to him. Some pleasantly disturbed guys (in the right sense) wants pictures on his scale. 

Photography Credit : Vincent Ducaté

Later on, they told me they still had to pick up a couch somewhere in Hasselt for a friend and asked me if I wanted to come along which I gladly did. Once they had the couch they put it on the middle of the road to do a photo shoot.  

Photo Credit : Vincent Ducaté


Borokov BoroKov – Photo Credit : Vincent Ducaté
Photo Credit : Vincent Ducaté
SHHT – Photography Credit : Vincent Ducaté

This gig was a mindblowing experience.
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