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Songbook of My Teenage Years – Derek (Delboy) Paton



Derek (Delboy) Paton

Every now and again you get the opportunity to have a bit of fun and create an article for those you are friends with. This edition of Songbook of My Teenage Years comes from a very good friend of mine Delboy.

Derek’s little brother Graeme (Morph) was one of my closest friends when we were teenagers and I am sure we caused the man loads of grief by borrowing (some would say stealing, but that’s such a nasty word) his clothes and his vinyl and heading off down to the Wednesday night discos at Hurlford Community Centre. Sadly we lost Graeme far too young but his memory lives forever in our hearts.

Derek’s selection is what I would have expected being around him when these songs were doing the rounds therefore I have the added bonus of taking a trip down memory lane with a friend.

“All I was interested in at school was playing football. Hailing from Shortlees, Kilmarnock there wasn’t much else to do. The year 1977 changed all this, with the birth of the Sex Pistols my musical journey began”.

  1. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (1978)

“I remember watching Top of the Pops as we all did back then and seeing these kids dressed like myself with their Doc Marten’s and Snorkel Jackets. They blew me away and to this day still do. It was Autumn 1978 and step forward The Undertones. It was long debated whether The Undertones were punk but all I knew was that they were the best band that I had ever heard and that stands true to this day.

I must have played that single over and over for weeks on my little record player. Still as fresh today as it was back then. I proclaimed them to be my band as I was adamant I discovered them first”.

2. Rudi – Big Time (1979)

“While I was obsessed with The Undertones another Northern Irish band on the same label came out with this little gem. I always remember being the only person in our little gang that had it and everyone else asking where I got it. If you have never heard it search on YouTube. Its still original and brilliant today. I remember buying a hooped mohair jumper after seeing them wear one in a photograph. Great Times”.

3. The Jam – Saturdays Kids (1979)

“By the time 1979 came around we had discovered alcohol and the Broomhill Hotel. This was our nightly residence for the next couple of years, especially the disco upstairs at the weekend. Most of the crowd had joined the Mod revival scene and although I loved The Jam I still didn’t get into the clothes and scooters. This song also reminds me of my best friend Fritz whom sadly passed away to soon. The lyrics just sums us up from that era”.

4. The Members – Sound of the Suburbs (1979)

“This song reminds me of the Killie Club on a Saturday night. Brilliant song and great memories. The Killie club was located beneath the stand at Rugby Park (home of Kilmarnock FC) and if the team were at home we were probably drinking there from midday to midnight in-between watching the game. The opening riff is superb and always got everyone on the dance floor”.

5. Simple Minds – I Travel (1980)

“Whilst all my mates were into the mod scene I was getting into Simple Minds, a band from just up the road in Glasgow. I purchased Life in a Day when it first came out but this song was when all of them thought maybe I was right all along and started coming to see them when they played locally. It also reminds me of Parkers where I spent most of my Saturday nights from 80-85. To me this is still the best song they ever made. I had some great nights in Glasgow watching them”.

“There’s so many more I could have picked but these have special meaning to me as I look back”.

Boab’s Verdict

What can I say? the mans musical taste is impeccable. Does anyone notice the similarity of musical tastes between Derek and myself?. It really isn’t so surprising as my musical preferences stemmed from listening to the big mans collection. Teenage Kicks, Saturdays Kids and I Travel would make it into my top 15 of all time favourites. Writing this sent me reminiscing and remembering Graeme. Mischievous but fun loving and even though I was older and the protector by god did he get me into loads of bother.

Great memories played out in music as it should be.





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