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Sons of the East – Palomar Parade – Album Review

Palomar Parade is Aussie trio Sons of the East’s first full-length release.  The twelve-track album combines many different influences, and demonstrates why they have picked up a strong fan base with their EP and single releases over the past nine years.

Starting off with Hard Playing Hard to Get – a laid-back dance number with a hint of something familiar – the song starts the album well and is a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t heard anything by Sons of the East before.

This is followed by the rather Philadelphia-esque, Bruce Springsteen-like You Might Think.  The harmonica on this track is brilliant, and really adds to what is already a great song.  The Springsteen vibes don’t stop you from being surprised by some of the musical decisions made in writing, recording and producing this song, and it’s all the more enjoyable for it.

The soft jazz style of the third track, Not All My Fault, is a nice change, with the piano more prominent.  The harmonies gives the song added depth, and make it hard not to sing along to.

The album continues in an alternating fashion, mixing piano ballads with more upbeat country-leaning songs.  This switching of speeds and styles provides a nice counterpoint when needed, and showcases the variety of talent in the band.

There is great use of harmonies, banjo and harmonica on many of the tracks, and the switching of lead vocals between Jack Rollins and Nic Johnson is done in such a way to make the most of their different styles and voice types to express the emotion of each song.  

Whilst there’s no weak song on this album, be warned if you listen to this album too much it will draw you in to such an extent as to play with your emotions – Tail Lights, You Might Think, and Fool Me are ones to check out first.  

Sons of the East
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