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The Stumblers – Remarkably Simple for Complex Individuals

Every once in a while an album comes across my desk that I cant stop playing. This album by Ayrshire (Scotland) based Folk/Punk band The Stumblers – Remarkably simple for complex individuals, is one such album. If there was a musical cookbook the recipe for this album would be, a pinch of The Levellers, a teaspoon of The River Detectives and a generous helping of outrageousness.

The Stumblers don’t play by the rules simple. Its a mash up of everything that shouldn’t work but gloriously does. The band themselves have carved out a huge reputation for full on high energy live performances a few of which I have witnessed for myself. So, should I have been surprised at how good this album is? probably not. For their first foray into the album market the band have produced a fine piece of art, long have I listened to comments regarding how can you be Folk and Punk? well this album proves the doubters wrong. Two songs into the album and City Rats will have you table drumming and foot tapping. The album is full of life references (My Garden is a Mess) and (To Drink) will hit home and hit hard.

Stone Cold Side of Town stands out for me, a song that every time you listen to it you discover something new. Its quite possibly the first time I will have written a review with not one negative thought. The thick Ayrshire brogue shouldn’t work, but it does and honestly wouldn’t be the same without it. There are no clever tricks on these tracks its simply pure talent. I would love to keep waxing lyrical about this album but the best thing to do is simply BUY IT! and BUY IT NOW! you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10

Track List:

  1. Strangers live in fear
  2. City Rats
  3. The coward within
  4. Stone cold side of town
  5. To drink
  6. Anything but no
  7. Pass you by
  8. Know your right
  9. Together at the same time
  10. My garden is a mess

 The album is available to purchase via the bands Facebook page.

The Stumblers are:
Niall 0’Flaherty – (Vocals, Guitar), Stevie Smith (Vocals, Guitar), Taylor Buntain (Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Lapsteel, Cello), Glen Robertson (Bass), Kevin James Woods (Drums, Percussion, Keyboard).

Additional musicians on the album: John C Grant (Violin), Kasper Hensel (Trumpet).


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