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The Belief Experiment released their debut album, “YVR”

Preceding the debut, the band released a music video for the track ‘The Walls Inside My Head’.  Directed by Dave Benedict, bass guitarist for the Canadian band “Default” and founder of Square Egg Visions, the concept for the video was inspired by the classic movie, “A Clockwork Orange”. 

Original photo by Keith Clark

The album itself is a culmination of the Belief Experiment’s various influences of punk, grunge, prog rock, and pop-rock, fused into 9 tracks.  Spinning this the first time you immediately hear the musicianship, superb mixing and mastering of this album.  Everything is sonically there with maybe the exception of Barua’s vocals which kind of playout more like an instrument rather than cutting right through the mix.  But once you spin the album a few more times, and I suggest at louder volumes to hear all the nuances in the mix, the vocals start to ring clearer and clearer.  From the first track, ‘Your Equation‘, you’re drawn into the driving rhythms that push the grungy sound to the progressive rock build up and bridge.  Moving into the pop rock sound of ‘The Walls Inside My Head‘, will get your head bobbing along.  Track 3, ‘Somebody (Get Me A Life!)’, was a wonderful acoustic intro that delivers a hook that will be a crowd favorite to sing along with. The next track on the album titled ‘Bullshit‘ is a straight up rocker with a punk attack, cue moshpit! ‘Care(less)‘ is the next track that talks about how it doesn’t matter who you are that we should just be good to one another. ‘Radio‘ is another grunge rocker followed by the upbeat ‘Punky Meteorite II‘ which will again get you moving!  Track number 8 ‘Good Enough‘ is a straight up rock tune that drives along with the drums and bass keeping the ride going.  The album finishes off with ‘Before It’s Over‘ and epic 90’s grunge sound, ala Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, et al.   

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpUsPbqmBm0&w=560&h=315]

Overall the album is a solid effort coming out of the gates for this Vancouver trio.  The powerful combination of Bacchus Barua on guitar and lead vocals, Cameron Rowe on drums/backing vocals along with Steven Tyrrell on bass/backing vocals, provide some great sonic threads fusing their various influence very well.  The wonderfully raw garage alternative punk grunge is perfectly executed over the odd time signatures that the trio seems to be able to switch in and out of at will.  All the tracks for “YVR” were written and performed by The Belief Experiment, recorded and mixed by Bacchus Barua, with the exception of Track 4 which was recorded at Blue Wave Studios by Michael Foster, and Track 5 which was recorded at The Art Institute of Vancouver by Jordan Oaks.  The drums for track 7 were recorded by Scot Wallace at Monarch Studio.  All the tracks were mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering.  Album art was done by Barebones Productions.

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