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The end is here for The Ninth Wave as they pull down the final curtain with a sold-out hometown gig in Glasgow.

The Ninth Wave – SWG3, Glasgow 19/03/22

The Ninth Wave have decided to take an extended break from being one of the best bands rising through the ranks of British contemporary music in order to explore some other facets of the business. Whether this is the correct thing to do at the very moment they are surfing the crest of a wave will manifest in time but tonight the capacity crowd at SWG3 in Glasgow went all in as they hoped this wouldn’t be the final curtain call of their local heroes.

The band decided on a brief UK tour to say farewell to the scene and finished, obviously, with their hometown audience; an audience who, it seemed, weren’t ready to say goodbye. The crowd were raucous, joyous and energetic as the band ripped through a set of old(ish) and new songs.

The setlist included a few songs with titles that summed up the vibe of the night; “Reformation”, “Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter” and “Come Down Forever” provided the irony of the occasion. The growing number of fans certainly don’t think that any kind of silence from The Ninth Wave will be sweet. The performance was barnstorming from first to last as the Ninth Wavers owned the SWG3.

The gig was not without issues; the band are known for their melodies and New Wave / Post Punk pop ideals but, for some reason, the sound at SWG3 was not conducive to easy listening. There seemed to be so much volume that there was no separation in the mix; there was a huge mass of sound that made it difficult to pick out the synth melodies or the vocals. Changing position in the hall did little to change this. This had no negative affect on the fans as most were jumping around and singing at the top of their collective voices.

So, what next for The Ninth Wave and the individuals who form this collective? Once again, only time will tell but should they decide to reform there will always be a gap in the market for them… just don’t leave it too long or one of the pretenders to the throne might just wiggle into the gap.


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