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Thousand Thoughts share video for single Heads or Tails

Thousand Thoughts share video for single Heads or Tails
After changing pace for lockdown EP ‘The First Wave’, Thousand Thoughts are fully plugged in and return with high octane single.

Following on from their stripped back The First Wave EP release, Thousand Thoughts share their brand new video for reactive single Heads or Tails. The track had the band working together via Zoom calls and Whatsapp chats before stepping into the studio with renowned producer Romesh Dodangoda. The quintet hailing from North London have turned up the volume and developed their modern metalcore sound to close their Empathy chapter. Focusing on the unexpected times of 2020 the single centres around the themes of Russian Roulette and Heads or Tails, two similar games both with divisive outcomes. 

Vocalist Ethan Smith shares “Heads or Tails is the final track in a three-part chapter called ‘Empathy’. This One’s For You started, Saviour continued and we’re now concluding with Heads Or Tails. All three songs are about empathy in different forms, from giving it to receiving it. We’re living in some of the most difficult times of our lives right now, and need to work together. Heads or Tails is about pushing our own opinions to the side and finding it within ourselves to listen to and understand  and learn from others. Everyone wants to make change for the better, but nobody can do that until they change themselves for the better. As a band, we’re a lot more comfortable than ever before and are taking it up a notch. This is a very direct track full of anger, pain, and is definitely no holds barred. We aren’t exactly controversial, just completely honest and a voice for the people.”

Stream Heads or Tails here

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