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Union Of Knives share new album Start From The Endless accompanied by second single I Took My Rage From The Sun

Glasgow’s Union Of Knives share new album Start From The Endless accompanied by second single I Took My Rage From The Sun

The new album is out now via Three Hands Records 

Vinyl, CD + Digital


Chrysalis In Two Parts
Elixir Salut
Took My Rage From The Sun
Unfolding An Ache

Single – out now- Salut Salut

Single 2 – I Took My Rage From The Sun

Album – out now – Start From The Endless – Vinyl, CD + digital

Glasgow electro-rock outfit Union of Knives today 19 March make a very welcome return in 2024 with the release of their new album Start From The Endless via Three Hands Records, the follow-up to 2021’s Endless From The Start.

Start From The Endless mirrors the title and artwork of its predecessor, acting as a through-line between the two works (part 1 vinyl was white with the forthcoming part 2 is black) while also signalling a darker, moodier shift in tone from a group renowned for their ability to craft heavyweight songs with epic melodies and dance-driven details. 

As founding member Chris Gordon explains, “It had always been my intention to make this a double album with the second part being a little more expansive, shadowy and cinematic. That said, there are a few bangers in there too.” 

This shift in artistic tone is brilliantly highlighted by the lead single Salut Salut released last month. Beginning with an imposing barrage of drum rolls, the track gathers pace with a pulsing percussive rhythm and rapid-fire vocals, recalling the insistent groove of bands like NIN, Young Fathers and Massive Attack.

The album release is accompanied by the second single I Took My Rage From The Sun, which marks the first time that Chris has duetted with his wife Lucy on lead vocals.  Lucy has appeared at a few live shows over the years but has never until now featured so prominently on a recording by Union of Knives.

Their vocals twist and intertwine in such a way that one is never sure if they are singing at or to each other. Themes of regret and tender promises to bring no harm, simmer with allusions to the brooding shadow life “Oh the beast I’ve become” they both sing in turn

Across the ten tracks on Start From The Endless, shadowy ambient textures coalesce beautifully with industrial-tinted electronics and rough-edged rock grooves. Moving between the rugged sounds of ‘Elixir’ to the swirling, atmospheric haze of ‘Indigo’, the full breadth of Union Of Knives’ heady musical palette reveals itself, from the expansive opening string warp of ‘Chrysalis In Two Parts’ to the final hymn that is ‘Annihilation’.

Since arriving on the scene with their 2006 debut album Violence And Birdsong, the unique essence of the group as a collaboration between like minds and inspired artistry is still very much at the core. 

Chris Gordon is once again at the helm, though the key players this time round are somewhat changed, with Anthony Thomaz (DopeSickFly), Peter Kelly (The Kills, Ladytron) and guest vocals from both Chris’ wife Lucy and Daisy Miles adding an expanded dimension to Union of Knives’ sound.

Across their two previous albums and a clutch of EP releases, Union Of Knives have outlined a distinctive and compelling style of electronic-rock. Their music has been used in TV soundtracks for the likes of Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries, with Chris also a longtime producer collaborator for huge Spanish artist Monica Naranjo. The band have previously played at major UK venues festivals, as well as at Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik, plus live appearances across Europe including sold out shows in Belgium, Switzerland and Tokyo.

To celebrate the album they have play a special intimate show at The Hug & Pint in Glasgow on 6th April with tickets available now here.

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