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Velvet Skyline releases new LP “What We Have In Common” and new single “Circles”

Velvet Skyline is a Texas-based modern alternative rock band, led by lead vocalist Taylor Seerden. The vivacious quartet uses music as forms of escape and therapy, using strong and vivid themes and imagery to  celebrate empowerment, tackle past trauma and to show strength in uncertain times.

Their new LP “What We Have In Common” will be introduced by the lead single “Circles,” and actively highlights influences of progressive rock and grunge. 

Velvet Skyline was formed by lead guitarist Hunter Puentes and by vocalist Taylor Seerden in Victoria, Texas in 2017. Soon after they got together, bassist Nate Martinez and drummer Michael Cano joined, and they were off making music.

Velvet Skyline was formerly known as the Model Citizens. Model Citizens was the name the alternative band had played under until they realized there was a band with the same name in Lithuania. They opted to change their name to Velvet Skyline and recently rocked the crowds at Bootfest.

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