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Walt Disco conquer Glasgow as the home crowd witness a tour de force

Walt Disco – 30 March 2022 – St. Luke’s, Glasgow

Camp glam-pop is the order of the evening as Walt Disco grace St. Luke’s with their inimitable brand of theatre. To describe tonight as a gig would be to do the band an injustice such as their vaudevillian approach.

As the house lights change to stage lights the eager anticipation of the crowd turns to excitement and palatable love for the Glasgow band is very much in evidence. Clad in a variety of skirts, dresses and cowboy boots the band members are visually glowing as they soak up the adoration and energy from the fans.

Photo Credit: John Brown

Their set is fast-moving with many nods to their influences. There is some glam-pop a la Sparks or Franz Ferdinand, there is theatrical prowess and there are some laughs. The lyrical messages of the songs could easily be missed due to the upbeat nature of most of the set and the ever-smiling delivery from the band members.

The sound, as usual in St. Luke’s, is spot on. In terms of sound and lighting St.Luke’s has pushed itself to the top of the tree in Glasgow and Walt Disco utilises this to its full potential as they sound incredible. The headline set is so good that it felt like a guest spot as it passed by in a flash. The appreciation and adoration from the crowd at full time were tangible and in return, Walt Disco was absolutely beaming with gratitude for the ovation.

Walt Disco may have to get used to such acclaim as they walk the path to greater things. It would be a great injustice if they didn’t reach the top of the game.


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