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Western Column releases new single “Hear Not Say”

Western Column is the songwriting project of Glasgow based DIY musician Christopher Devine (Dutch Wine/Stock Manager) whose second single ‘Hear not Say’ is out now on Negative Hope Records.

‘Hear not Say’ gives delicious guitar-centric layers of feeling with a shoegaze bent, as Devine’s dreamer vocals float over a driven guitar wall that spills over with a momentum that will have you wanting to listen again.

Following on from sun drenched debut single Golde’, ‘Hear not Say’ is the perfect follow up as Devine continues to build a name for himself as a solo artist “Having only been the third song I’ve entirely written myself, I feel like I’m still finding my feet and trying different things to see what sticks. This track was a good bit of fun trying out ideas and more than anything it was a really good learning experience.”

‘Hear not Say’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Melissa Brisbane, who also provides guest vocals on the track.

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