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Alanis Morissette – A Jagged Little Pill was a very easy-to-swallow concert in Glasgow

A fitting tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Ovo Hydro Glasgow – 19 June 2022

Alanis Morissette needs no introduction; one of the most alluring voices of the past 25 years and a whole big bundle of energy on stage. How easy will it be to swallow the jagged pill in 2022? Let’s see…

An extra-long intro of talking heads, retrospective and introspective images and videos leave the audience waiting just that bit longer until they see their musical hero for the night. To the casual observer in the arena, the montage only reinforced the stature of Alanis and the many hits she has accumulated over time… a musical big hitter!

Photo Credit: John Brown

Will the latest album The Storm Before the Calm’ emulate the approximately 33m sales of the huge ‘Jagged Little Pill’?

Tonight at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow will go, someway, to answering that question. The crowd, the general atmosphere and the ambience suggest that the star of the show may well still pack a punch in the fickle world of music sales.

Never one for following or setting fashion, Morissette immediately demands your attention in an oversize yellow t-shirt as she glides, stomps and staggers from side to side of the massive stage.

Her voice is HUGE! Most of the big notes are sung with the microphone nearer her waist than her mouth; Alanis Morissette still has it and as early as the first song there was a satisfying warmth in the crowd that said tonight was going to be a good night.

Photo Credit: John Brown

As the setlist reached the big hits Morissette allowed the crowd to take over and it was a wonderful thing as the massive crowd sang their collective hearts out. Ironic’ brought a lump to many a throat and a tear to many eyes as images of the late, great Taylor Hawkins were shown on screen.

The tempo may have rose and fallen throughout the set but the unstoppable Alanis Morissette maintained her swagger and her never stand still energy throughout. Morissette was, and on tonight’s performance, still is a major talent.


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