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BERRIES – How We Function – Album Review

BERRIES – not to be confused with The Berries – are a London-based trio.  On 8th July they released their debut album How We Function.  From the first track you are hit with a sense of being taken back in time.  BERRIES embody all that is good in nineties indie/chick rock/grunge – call it what you like, BERRIES have embraced it and bundled it into this record.

Whilst the album isn’t one that you will be 100% in love with from the first listen, there‘s enough to make you want to give it a second, third and fourth listen, at which point you’ll be hooked.  There are hints of what these musicians must have been brought up listening to.  There are great guitar licks, equally good drum rolls and vocals.  There are bits of Bikini Kills, Breeders in the songs along with Republica and Lush, along with some interesting vocals with hints of Jesca Hoop on Siren.

If you enjoy rock music from a good band with just what is needed – vocals, lead guitar, bass and drums – this is an album you should check out.  Ignore the rather derogatory connotations of the “chick rock” label and think of it as a good rock trio who just happen to all be women.

These songs promise much from a live performance, and it would not be surprising to see a mosh pit at their headline shows.  It would also be disappointing if there was not a single pair of DM boots at any of their gigs.

The strongest tracks on the record are Haze, Copy and Grow.

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