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Self funded or fan funded albums appear to be the way to go for many bands and artists these days and the former is what we have with the debut album from CASINO ROCKETS. Paid for out of their own hard earned cash in a time where, for some, money is tight due to C-19 and the competing day to day issues it brings. Anyone who puts their own cash into an art project is to be applauded at the best of times but, in my opinion, even more so today.

The band describe their music as alternative rock which, you’ll know if you’ve read any of my reviews in this genre, is far from my favourite kind of music. Can CASINO ROCKETS temper my feelings on alternative rock?

The opening track brings the listener – me – some sort of electronic filter noise. They’ve got off to a good start in my own little world of electronics! There are smatterings of electronics through the album which, along with the usual array of “real” instruments, takes some of the tracks into the sonic realms of bands such as Editors or Interpol. There are some points in certain songs which remind me of the aforementioned bands; whether intentional or not they are certainly pleasing to the ears.

The album meanders in parts and can feel a bit one-paced but overall it’s a cracking effort and songs such as “Drive me to the Dusk” and “Feel me Now” are standouts. These two tracks pumped up through the studio monitors are a cut above the rest.

Overall it’s a good album that I would listen to again and I’d certainly recommend others do likewise.

I definitely look forward to the next one lads… top job and much kudos for believing in yourselves enough to spend your own money on the project. Respect…


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