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Daughtry Wows London Audience

Daughtry played Islington Assembly Hall on 13th June whilst they were in Europe on the festival circuit.  Support on this date came in the form of Fire From The Gods, a rap metal group from Austin, Texas.   

Whilst Fire From The Gods were a strange choice as a support act, they put on an entertaining show, and had the hardcore fans who had arrived early singing along.  

Photo Credit: Claire Stones

Their lead singer – AJ Channer – spent time in north London as a child, and he let the audience know this – following a quick change into an Arsenal shirt.  

The band are described as socially conscious, and whilst this reviewer could not discern this from their performance, if you enjoy your music on the metal end of the spectrum, and prefer it to be more aware of what is going on around it, it is worth checking them out.

Daughtry were welcomed to the stage by an excited audience.  As is standard at present, apologies were made and happiness to be back in the UK/performing live before an audience were expressed. 

Mixing songs from their latest release – Dearly Beloved – with a few fan favourites, Chris and the band put on a very entertaining set.  As someone who is aware of Daughtry, but not knowingly listened to any of their music, this reviewer found the performance terrific and full of energy.  The musicians were talented and there was some great guitar playing throughout.

Portions of the crowd were singing along from start to finish, but the big moments were during Cry For Help, Waiting For Superman, and the entire encore.  The mood from the audience was catching and would have sucked in anyone who was there off the back of a few songs.

For fans, Daughtry were brilliant, everyone in the audience was happy, and there were even a few tears during Cry For Help.  For those who have a passing yet favourable knowledge of the band, it’s worth spending the money to see them live.

Daughtry are continuing their Dearly Beloved tour in the US with dates throughout the summer.


  1. Desperation
  2. World on Fire
  3. Changes Are Coming
  4. Dearly Beloved
  5. Evil
  6. Cry For Help
  7. Waiting for Superman
  8. It’s Not Over
  9. The Victim
  10. Lioness
  11. September
  12. Heavy Is the Crown


  1. Home
  2. Over You
  3. Asylum

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