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Five thousand expectant fans crammed themselves into Brixton Academy on March 6th 2020 to witness the biggest headlining show in the bludgeoning career of DMA’s. Five thousand sources of energy about to illuminate the World famous venue with voice and soul as they try to out sing the massive sound generated by the PA system – at times, they almost did exactly that!

The set explodes into life with “Feels Like 37” and the sold out crowd are on it from the start. This almost symbiotic relationship between band and fans grows and grows throughout the entire set with numerous examples of, were it not for some expert engineering and post production, the sound of the crowd almost overpowering the on stage sound!

A word on the sound process at the venue and in post production… it is one of the best examples of a live recording I have heard. Some live recordings just don’t do it whether through huge amounts of re-recording and over dubbing in studios after the event or through weeks of mastering. This recording is right on the button in terms of capturing the live sound and the perfect level of crowd noise. My advice would be to put on some decent headphones, lie down and close your eyes and then press play… you’re there, your actually there in Brixton Academy. The sound envelops you like live sound should; it transports you back to London in March of 2020.

If you have read my review of DMA’s last album (and you should have!) its plain to see that I am not a huge fan of their sound or of many bands in the genre so, surely, there can be no finer accolade from me when I pay such tribute to this album… it is superb!!

Buy this album and you will be treated to 17 tracks and well over an hour of DMA’s finest moments. If you were there or watched the subsequent streaming then you already know all of this but if, like so many unfortunate others, you missed it then do yourself a huge favour and get your hands on a copy of this.

Am I converted? It’s not my type of music.

Would I listen again? Yes, yes, yes! It really is worth some of your hard earned cash if you are a fan of live music; any type of live music.

Live at Brixton is obviously available in the regular formats but for the real fans of DMA’s and vinyl aficionados there will be a special limited edition double 12″ vinyl.

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